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Blue Sox vs Giants – The final in backyard baseball
Sep 18, 2017, 15:06

Brett Mangigian held down the mound for all 9 innings against the Blue Sox.

Predicting the final game against the Dinwiddie County Giants and the Prince George Blue Sox could be decided by a coin flip by the end of their final game both teams had 7 hits. Which team would show up both had given the other black eyes, both were in a corner and both had the muscle to blow the other one out.
It was in the bottom of the 6th inning, the Prince George Blue Sox were in the midst of a rally, with 2 players on 1st and 2nd base. The Prince George heavy hitters would be coming up soon to potentially break the back of the Dinwiddie County Giants and steal the lead. Every play counted to squash that and when the Blue Sox hit a ground ball right by 1st base, Giants Ace pitcher Brett Mangigian scrambled off the mound and got a pass from Carlos Coles. Out 2. The play was a crucial tone setter for the Giants defense.
“We went back to playing good defense,” said Dinwiddie Giants Coach Chia Taylor. “And it carried over if you play good defense it kills momentum. “
Last Saturday at 3 p.m. on the Blue Sox home field was the grand finale for the Blue Sox and Dinwiddie Giants rivalry. The Giants couldn’t pin them down in two back to back games, but this time when it counted they did defeating the Blue Sox 11 to 4.
Last game the Giants was beaten back by Eric Rice, holding the Giants down 10 to 4. Rice wasn’t like the usual pitchers that the Giants fought, he was crafty, he didn’t throw fast balls, but he kept the DC Giants off balance.
“He’s a crafty pitcher he’s not going to throw it by you he’s going to keep you off balance, but if you stay back and drive the ball … we could get hits” said Giants Coach Chia Taylor. “That game he beat us that’s what happened there, we were jumping out in front expecting a fast ball.”
From the start the Dinwiddie Giants came out strong, when they swung in 2 runs in the 1st inning. Giant’s player Conner Bastaich smashed a home run from the start with another run bringing the score 2 to 0. But the Blue Sox hit back with two more runs, courtesy of a base hit by Antoine Barnes.
Both teams were deadlocked for 3 innings, until the Giants broke out with 4 runs in the 2 next innings. Giants Doron Battle slammed out a home run; his first home run of the season, as it dropped outside of the fence, Coach Chia Taylor said aloud ‘where did that come from.’ He wasn’t a bad hitter, but he had been in a slump; he usually smashed out doubles, however a home run showed power that surprised him explained Coach Chia Taylor.
“He has been in a slump for a couple of game, but he came out and hit a perfect game he’s been a top player throughout the season.” said Coach Chia Taylor. “He came out of it for a good game to come out of the slump with a home run that definitely surprised me.”
Overpowering the Prince George Blue Sox hitters was Giants Ace Pitcher, Brett Mangigian, a 10 year veteran playing for Dinwiddie; he pitched for the entire game. In total the DC Giants ace had 3 walks and 3 strike outs. Throughout the week, the Dinwiddie Coach was preparing him for their final match up boosting his confidence for the final showdown against the Blue Sox.
“I was just talking to him throughout the week saying ‘you ready’ and he says ‘I’m ready,” said the Dinwiddie Coach “It was that pep talk standing in his ear boasting him and getting his adrenaline up.”
But the real lead came crashing down on Prince George in the 8th inning. With his 2nd home run of the game, Conner Bastaich cranked up the Giants lead 9 to 6. And with 2 others runs in the 8th inning the deal was sealed.
“It felt good to beat the Blue Sox, our ultimate goal is to win the championship winning this series right here beating prince George that was great it was all fun our moral is up.” said the Coach. “We’re going to play Chuckatuck a younger team and they have got something to prove, last year we swept them but now they’re coming with a different kind of hungry.”
The Dinwiddie Giants will be playing a 7 game series for the title of Championship of the Virginia Baseball Commonwealth Baseball League on Sunday against the Chuckatuck Trotters at 3 p.m. on the Chuckatuck home field.

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