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Blue Devils Cross Country Rain or Shine
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Sep 18, 2017, 15:10

Through the rain, the cold and mud, the Hopewell Cross Country boys and girls teams never complained as they battled through the Pocahantas State Park course.
On Wednesday September 6th at 4:30 pm, Hopewell had their first meet of the Cross Country season against Thomas Dale and Monacan. The 3.1 mile Pocahantas Course didn’t have the ideal conditions for a race with a downpour of rain and muddy terrain. These conditions affected the race in every way possible explained Hopewell Cross Country Coach Rich Halas.
“It made warm ups cold and wet for the runners and also made parts of the race muddy, and it’s never fun to run in shoes that are heavy and wet.” said Cross Country Coach Rich Halas. “The important thing is that our athletes recognized that their competition was dealing with the same challenges, and they didn’t complain or make excuses.
Hopewell was in last place for both the boy’s teams and the girl’s team. In a race that’s on the team’s home turf, there is an advantage but Monacan was also away from home, so that wasn’t an excuse explained Coach Rich Halas. Neither Hopewell team had any experience running through mud so that required quick adaptation from the Blue Devil’s Athletes said Coach Rich Halas. The results didn’t surprise the Coach but the attitude of his team wasn’t what he expected.
“We were also going against two highly competitive teams, I’m not surprised that we were outperformed,” said Coach Rich Halas. “The only surprise for me was the impressive attitude and good nature that our young runners showed against high-quality competition in ugly weather conditions.”
This season will be a rebuilding year after the loss of athletes from the 2016 season. The Ladies team has a good mix of age groups and only lost one athlete. The boy’s team however lost 7 of their 8 athletes and is comprised of underclassmen. For the future of the season the Blue Devils will practice to gain the advantage on meets on their home turf.
“The primary goal will be for athletes to practice on their home course,” said Coach Halas. “Some of them are still relatively new to the team and they need every advantage they can get at home.”

Meet Results Boys Team:
Top Five Thomas Dale 1st place
Michael Spragley 19:02
Josh Clary 19:33
Kevin Gotay 19:40
Aaron Wilson 20:18
Dylan Nester 21:35
Team Score: 25

Top Five Monacan 2nd place
Nicholas Carlstrom 19:21
Ryan Haynie 20:15
Jacob Rupport 20:36
Zachary Ashe 20:41
Harrison Ivy 20:47
Team Score: 31

Top Five Hopewell 3rd place
Christian Cowden 27:06
Demetrius Jackson 27:15
Grant English 27:16
Sincere Anderson 27:30
Joel Bonet 27:31
Team Score: 145

Meet Results Girls Team:
Top 5 Thomas Dale 1st Place
Morgan Waddill Thomas Dale 22:17
Kirstyn Davenport Thomas Dale 24:52
Anna Pope Thomas Dale 25:42
Madalyn Roseberry 27:08
Mina Ross 27:30
Team Score: 26

Top 5 Monacan 2nd Place
Sylvia Wolfgang 24:00
Madison Wallin 25:13
Emily Faris 26:27
Macie Mcford 26:51
Annabelle Frazier 27:40
Team Score: 29

Top 5 Hopewell 3rd Place
Cheyanne Lyden 29:00
Savannah Epps 31:16
Brettania Akers 32:56
Alivia Pearson 33:16
Mary Catherine Neal 34:38
Team Score: 114

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