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Hooray Rae-Rae for Blue Devils
Sep 18, 2017, 15:11

Blue Devils Amaya Jackson fights with Southampton for control of the ball.

The field hockey team was swaying together rallying after the first half chanting “we’re in it to win, we’re in it to win.”
When the half was over towards the end of the game the Southampton Goalie kicked the ball away from getting too close, but Blue Devils Brianna Banks recovered the ball and passed to Rae-Rae Dillon, who smacked the ball in and got the Blue Devils their final goal.
You can beat a team once, but beating them again, that’s the hard part. And the Blue Devils Field Hockey team crossed that hurdle, when they played on Monday against Southampton at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, winning 3 to 0 at Hopewell High School. The Blue Devils wanted this win after they defeated Southampton in an away game, now they were on their home turf which gave them an advantage.
This field if you play on it all the time you have the advantage where we play it all the time we know how it is,” said Blue Devils Field Hockey Coach Laura Stables. “That’s a great thing for us that’s what helped us today we know the condition on our field are not ideal we can figure out where the best spots and the worse ones
The Blue Devils dominated the field keeping control of the field and staying in Southampton territory for the majority of the second half. In the first half Brianna Banks was the first to make a goal against Southampton, followed by Daja Brown and Rae-Rae Dillon.
That’s been really awesome to see some new faces scoring goals that have never scored before haven’t been on varsity yet this is a young team we only have five seniors
The key to the defense was Samantha McKraken, who showed skilled stick work got the Blue Devils crucial interceptions and remained focused during the game explained Stables.
“She had some nice interceptions and some really nice stick work today, said Stables. “She had her eyes on the field could see what was going on even during the lulls when there was no defensive play.”
Despite their record rolling up 2 to 1, Laura Stables said that the key now is to keep working and to not become complacent.
We just got to keep moving forward working on our skills, working on our endurance and never settling for that base level, said Stables. “We can’t settle for that we have to play better teams to make us better.”

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