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Gillespie Shares Message in Hopewell
By Chai Gallahun
Sep 28, 2017, 08:53

Gillespie’s supporters, many of them veterans of the armed forces, pose with their candidate.

Tri-cities — Ed Gillespie and Corey Stewart recently visited the Tri-Cities area, speaking at a rally at Crystal Lake Park in Hopewell.
Gillespie is running for Governor this election. He and Stewart had been in a heated race for the Republican party’s primary nomination. Gillespie had won the primary by only a sliver 1.2 percent of the vote. That meant that he got the primary nomination by 4,100 votes across the entire state. It doesn’t get much closer than that in an election.
According to a biography provided by his campaign, Gillespie is a business owner and longtime conservative leader in the Republican party having started his career as a Senate parking lot attendant, eventually working his way to become Counselor to former President George W. Bush. In 2014, Gillespie was the Republican nominee for the Virginia Senate and lost by less than one percentage point in a near-upset of popular incumbent Mark Warner.
Having arrived hours earlier than planned, large crowds gathered at the pavilions of Crystal Lake Park greeted Gillespie and the other guests with much applause.
“So great to be here with you to rally the troops in the home stretch of this campaign,” said Gillespie. After audience applause, he continued, “I’m so excited to be running with my friend Jill Vogel, who will be a great Lieutenant Governor, and John Adams for Attorney General, who is going to enforce the laws in the commonwealth, not make them up. We need an Attorney General like that.”
Gillespie stated, “I am campaigning relentlessly and tirelessly every day. I always say there’s no rest for the weary, but I’m not weary, I’m energized. We have to win this race in November because Virginia’s stuck. We have to get unstuck.”
He explained that he’s running on conservative principles, including lower taxes, repealing mandates and more freedom. One big item of his agenda as governor would be a ten percent tax cut “across the board.”
“We need that tax relief and the job creation that will result from it,” said Gillespie to much audience applause. “My opponent is for higher taxes. I am for lower taxes. That is one of the critical differences.”
He also highlighted Virginia’s right-to-work status, stating, “My opponent wants to overturn our right to work status. You should not have to join a union to work in Virginia.”
Another item he talked about was regulations limiting the ability to work, such as the coal mining industry. “I will fight for our coal miners and factory workers and the poorest families in Virginia to make sure they’re not hit by higher electric bills.”
Generating even more applause was Gillespie’s following statements, “When it comes to our second amendment right to keep and bear arms, my opponent is endorsed by Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group. I am proud to be endorsed by the National Rifle Association. I will stand strong for the individual second amendment right to keep and bear arms.” Gillespie also stated that he was proud to be endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee and to stand for the protection of innocent human life.
“This election is not just about the next four years,” Gillespie said. “It is about the next 30 years. It is about what kind of Commonwealth we’re going to be and what kind of economy we’re going to have. Virginia is either going to look like states to our north... with higher taxes and more regulations and compulsory unionism and stagnate economies or more like states to our south... all of the top 20 states with economic growth. We are either going to become the northernmost southeastern state or the southernmost northeastern state.”
In closing, Gillespie said, “Let’s go forward and win this election. I promise to run a campaign that makes us all proud. I will be an honest, ethical, hard-working, principled, faithful servant leader worthy of Virginia. God bless the commonwealth of Virginia.”
Though the race for the primary nomination was extremely tight, former candidate Corey Stewart also attended the Hopewell event in support of Gillespie. He began with an energetic introduction.
“Hello Hopewell,” said Stewart. “Are you ready to take back Virginia? We’re going to do just that, and you know why? Because the democrats are lunatics. The far left has gone off the total deep end.”
He brought up the situation in Charlottesville in which an ESPN announcer named Robert Lee, who is Asian American and has no relation to the Civil War general, was taken off the air because he shared the same name as Robert E. Lee.
Having college degrees in both law and history, Stewart explained, “We will not let them take down our heroes and destroy American history. End of story. It is up to our generation to preserve American history. A people without history is a people without reference points. If people don’t have reference points, or a history, they are easily mislead.”
Stewart described Tim Kaine’s take the Antifa movement. “Tim Caine was asked ‘are you going to condemn ANTIFA,’ this far left, violent organization which has been attacking people because they were expressing their freedom of speech, not just here in Virginia but across the country in Berkely, taking bats and wearing masks and beating people up. You know what he said? ‘I don’t know, I don’t know enough about them.’”
Stewart continued, “If he doesn’t know, then he ought to go down into his basement where his son lives. His son was arrested in Minneapolis for attacking people who were supporting President Trump peacefully. He went there as a member of Antifa and attacked them. He applauded his son for violently attacking people who were just expressing their first amendment rights. The left has gone off the deep end.”
Then, Stewart stated, “I want everyone who supported me, who voted for me, to vote for the entire republican ticket come November.”
The rally continued into the afternoon after the main speakers had left.

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