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Blue Devils crush Crimson Wave 40-0
Sep 28, 2017, 15:38

Sean Allen tears down the field last Friday against the Crimson Wave.

Everything clicked for the Hopewell Football Team.
Defense. Petersburg Crimson Wave Quarterback, Meziah Scott reeled back threw a pass it went up towards Antoine Brown Jr., who leapt up to grab it, but a Blue Devil was there; Hopewell’s Riezon Murphy caught the pass and started the swing downfield for Hopewell.
Offense. The Crimson Wave defenders were overriding the right flank of the Hopewell offense, Gregory Cuffey was scrambling with pressure breathing down from the Blue Devils flank, Cuffey threw the ball for a 34 yard pass straight to Sean Allen.

“I want to thank my receivers because they were getting down the field,” said Blue Devils Quarterback Gregory Cuffey. “And that’s what they drilled in practice was for everybody to get in the right spot.”
Merner Field was packed again last Friday at 7 pm with parking spilling over into the side roads and long lines at the front. It could only mean one thing for people familiar with the area. The two arch rivals were battling it out on the field, the Hopewell Blue Devils versus the Petersburg Crimson Wave. And with Hopewell clicking on all cylinders this game, they defeated their tough rival with a final score of 40 to 0.
“Petersburg is such a tough team I have so much respect for Coach Mike Scott,” said Gregory Cuffey. “He’s a great coach, they have a whole lot of great athletes they played their spot…. we won by a certain amount of points, but it was still a tough game because everybody was in the right spot.”
The Crimson Wave started off with possession but buckled under the pressure from the Hopewell defense. The ball was fumbled and from the rubble of the two lines banging against the other Blue Devils Trezon Williams emerged with the ball. Hopewell took over in Petersburg territory at the 20 yard and a pass from Gregory Cuffey to Riezon Murphy gave Hopewell their first touchdown.
Petersburg next possession ended quickly with the hard tough defense stopping them at the 31 yard line. Hopewell’s multiple offensive arms were in full swing with Sean Allen tearing up the kick return putting them at the 45 yard line. At the 20 yard line, Blue Devils Freshman running back, Robert Briggs punched up 20 yards for a touchdown: 14 to 0.
Petersburg was held at the 25 yard, when Meziah Scott threw the 20 yard pass that was intercepted by Riezon Murphy. Blue Devils Ricky Irby commented on the tremendous night for Murphy, as free safety for the Blue Devils.
“He scored the first touchdown had an interception on defense he’s our free safety he’s our quarterback for the defense, said Coach Ricky Irby. “He gets everybody lined up, makes sure we’re in the right coverage and that we have the right blitzes, he was tremendous tonight.”
Keyed in by the Crimson Wave defense, Blue Devils Running back Ronnie Walker broke out at the 30 yard line to the 10 yard line. And after Walker inched up through Petersburg territory to the 7 yard line, Gregory Cuffey found a hole and rushed through for the 3rd touchdown.
Taken down to 3 downs, Petersburg was at the 25 yard line and looking for a big play. When Meziah Scott threw to Upton Bailey, one of the Crimson Waves toughest offensive weapons, landed a one armed catch and saved Petersburg from another turnover.
But the Hopewell defense wasn’t deterred when Nyvon King sacked the Crimson Wave quarterback behind the line. And an overthrown ball shifted position back to the home team. But the Crimson Wave was hungry for revenge and Petersburg’s Davion Tribby tackled Cuffey in his backfield. Cuffey tried a rush but was stopped for a 2 yard gain. Possession tilted back to Petersburg.
Hopewell’s defense still clicked and a rush by Scott was stopped by the Blue Devils defenders that forced a fumble and again Blue Devils Trezon Williams emerged with possession. But Hopewell’s drive was halted again after a quarterback sack by Nyvon King.
With their back against the wall at the 10 yard line, Petersburg had to push their way out. But they there were halted at the 8 yard line and they kicked the ball back to the Blue Devils. Hopewell did a fake hand off to Robert Briggs; but the ball was in the hands of Ronnie Walker who tore up through the middle and gave the Blue Devils another touchdown. Hopewell 27 to 0.
Petersburg was halted at the 45 yard line, with 30 seconds left. Meziah Scott threw a pass to Kadarius Lee who was stopped at the 33 yard line. With every second crucial, Meziah Scott made a mad dash up field cutting through the Hopewell defenses, close so close, but stopped by the Blue Devils defenders at the 12 yard line. The clock stopped, it was half time.
Petersburg regained possession at the 4 yard line after stopping a Hopewell drive. And the Crimson Wave, running game that Coach Ricky Irby hoped to stop started to fire off downfield. Crimson Wave Christian Dabney busted through for a 7 yard gain that brought in a 1st down. Zyshawn White caught a pass at the 31 yard line, but the Blue Devils defense kept them from punching up any further stopped at the 34 yard line.
Hopewell battled it down to the 34 yard line, when Cuffey threw his pass to Sean Allen and bumped the Blue Devils up 34 to 0. Hopewell’s final touchdown was courtesy of Kaiveon Cox broke in the final touchdown.

Hopewell will have their next game against the Matoaca Warriors on Friday at 7pm. Going into the future the Blue Devils will just continue battling to get better on the field.

“I tell the guys keep climbing the ladder making sure you don’t slip down and fall,” said Coach Ricky Irby. “You want to keep getting better keep climbing the ladder each and every week in practice and in each and every game.”

Blue Devils Post Game Stats
Hopewell Passing
Gregory Cuffey was 7 for 4 for 75 yards and 2 touchdowns.
Hopewell Receiving
Riezon Murphy had 1 reception for 20 yards and 1 touchdown.
Sean Allen had 3 receptions for 55 yards and 1 touchdown.
Hopewell Rushing
Robert Briggs had 9 carries for 72 yards gained.
Ronnie Walker had 15 carries for 57 yards
Gregory Cuffey had 7 carries for 12 yards gained.

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