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Hopewell Crushes Colonial Heights
Oct 13, 2017, 08:19

Keyed in on in previous games, Ronnie Walker’s devastating running game was in full force against Colonial Heights.

The Hopewell High School Football team defense cracked the Colonial Heights screen game reining them down to a total of 93 yards gained.
It was homecoming for the Hopewell Blue Devils, the celebratory bonfire had burned at the front of Hopewell High school on Wednesday and the stands were packed for the football team. The fiery Blue Devils Football Team was on an 11 quarter streak without a touchdown against them in their previous games until Friday at 7 p.m. at Merner Field when Colonial Heights broke through and scored a touchdown. But the Blue Devils pinned them down with a final score of 55 to 6.
With two 6 foot tall receivers the scrappy Colonial Heights team has been on a turnaround this year with a 3 to 3 record and a new Coach Buzz Edwards at the helm. Putting a halt to their weaponry required a precision focus on the screen and that’s what the Blue Devils delivered.
“They’re a really good screen team they got a few good ones early on us and that’s what good teams do,” said Blue Devils Coach Ricky Irby. ”I’m proud of our kids they rallied to the football and got that under control in the second half.”
The game ignited with a Colonial Heights fumble that was recovered by the Blue Devils, who started up to the 11 yard line but the Colonial Heights hit hard, when they banged the ball out of the hands of Hopewell and flipped the possession.
But the Hopewell defense rebounded and pinned down their opponents with a quarterback sack by Trevon Raines. When a Colonials pass was completed by Jacen Fowkes, he was met swiftly by a trinity of Hopewell strong arms brought down by Zyreon Walker, Christian Vegas and Robert Briggs.
TreVeyon Henderson got the kick-off return for a 20 yard gain for Hopewell and the Blue Devils started their march down field. Blue Devils Running back Ronnie Walker had been bottled down for the last couple games but he steam rolled through with steady gains to the 7 yard line. Hopewell Quarterback Gregory Cuffey rushed down to the end zone but was stopped by the Colonial Heights defenders. On the 3rd down on the edge of the end zone, Ronnie Walker punched through the middle for Hopewell’s first touchdown of the game.
Colonial Heights was back in possession and took the gamble for a play on the 4th down at the 27 yard line. But the gambit didn’t pay off when the Hopewell defenders steamrolled Colonial Heights with another quarterback sack. Back in possession, Blue Devils Running Back Ronnie Walker edged along the right flank and burned up 29 yards for another touchdown.
At the start of the 2nd quarter, Colonial Heights was bulldozing through for a touchdown. Colonial Heights Quarterback Hunter Spence was brought down by Blue Devils Nyvonte Coleman, but not before he completed a pass to Andrew Daisey for a touchdown at the 11 yard line.
The ball was fumbled at the next Blue Devils possession and recovered by the Colonials at the 50 yard line. A pass to Joshua Bridges pushed them further down to the 32 yard line. With 20 yards left to close the lead for the Colonials, the Hopewell defense continued to throw down the pressure, when a pass by the Colonials Quarterback Spence was intercepted by Blue Devils Reginald Ruffin.
“Our defense has been making good plays I was talking to the guys earlier I told them don’t get caught up in the highs and lows of the game try to stay in to kill,” said Irby. “You make a bad play you go in and make the next play.”
Back in possession Ronnie Walker made his third and final touchdown, when he struck for a 75 yard gain tearing up the field and giving Hopewell a 20 to 6 lead.
From there, the Blue Devils couldn’t be stopped. At the 50 yard line end zone bomb to Sean Allen, slipped from his hands and kept the Devils back. But Blue Devils Robert Briggs rushed up for 13 yards and a 1st down. Another incomplete pass and it was Ronnie Walker that broke through several tackles, fought through a Colonial Heights tackler pulling at his shirt and landed at the cusp of another touchdown at the 4 yard line. That’s when the home team’s Sean Allen skated along the right flank of the Colonial Heights defense and scored the next touchdown.
“in the 2nd half that’s a 20 to 6 game that’s a really close game we came out in the 1st drive of the second half and took the ball down the field to score,” said Irby. “I think that took a little life out of them and gave us some breathing room.”
Hopewell continued on to score 3 more touch downs in the 3rd quarter. A monster of a throw by Hopewell’s Gregory Cuffey to Allen ended in a 42 yard touchdown. Another interception by Nyvonte Coleman started a Hopewell drive that was ended by a 16 yard rush courtesy of Briggs. A 34 yard pass to Allen gave Hopewell another touchdown. Anthony Hale got Hopewell their final touchdown from a 12 yard rush in the 4th quarter.
Both Allen and Walker had 3 touchdowns a piece. In total the Hopewell Blue Devils gained 311 yards against them. As for their opponent Colonial Heights, they walked away with a loss but Coach Irby saw good things from them on the field.
“They’re a scrappy football team their coach is doing a great job of having their kids ready to play,” said Coach Irby. “He’s built something special over there it just takes time and those kids have to trust the process, I think Coach Edwards is a great coach he is going to have team ready to roll in the future.”
Hopewell will move on to face Prince George High School at Prince George High School next Friday at 7 pm.
Post-Game Hopewell Stats
Greg Cuffey was 11 for 16 with 209 yards gained for the Blue Devils.
Sean Allen had 5 receptions for 113 yards
Ka’Darius Singleton had 2 receptions for 37 yards
Walker had 14 carries for 179 yards
Robert Briggs had 3 carries for 46 yards

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