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Royals crush Colonials in CH territory
Oct 25, 2017, 09:36

Anthony Knight scores the first touchdown of the game.

The Royals Football Teamís offensive line busted holes in the Colonial Heights box and let their powerful running game do the rest.
The Prince George Royals faced off against the Colonial Heights Football Team on October 20 and won: 42 to 8. In a powerful showing in the first quarter the Prince George Royals bounced up with 3 touchdowns bringing the momentum for their commanding lead.
3 minutes in and Royals Anthony Hunter carried for 3 yards giving the Royals their first touchdown. But Colonial Heights wasnít silenced and they answered back with Spence Hunter pushing through for a touchdown at the 1 yard line. From there it was Royals LaWayne Allen that punched through the Colonial Heights defense for a touchdown at the 30 yard line.
After a brief Colonial Heights drive, the Prince George Royals took control of the ball and a 30 yard pass from Harrison Saquan to Omar Powell gave the Royals their 21 to 8 lead. From there the Royals received all their touchdowns courtesy of LaWayne Allen, who broke through 3 more touchdowns and had a whooping total of 269 yards rushed.
But it was the Royals defense that held back Colonial Heights from doing more damage on the scoreboard. The Colonials fumbled the ball 2 times against the Royals and despite a 9 minute difference in possession time were unable to bounce back from the Royals lead.
Overall Colonial Heights gained 137 yards on 39 carries and had 113 yards gained from passing. While the Royals had 359 yards rushing and 94 yards from passing.
The Prince George Royals have their next game on October 27th at 7 p.m. against Matoaca at Prince George High School.
Post-Game Stats
Royals Rushing
LaWayne Allen had 20 carries for 269 yards rushed and 4 touchdowns.
Anthony Knight had 13 carries for 83 yards rushed.
Anthony Hunter had 1 carries for 3 yards rushed and 1 touchdown.
Royals Passing
Saquan Harrison was 3 for 4 passing for a total of 65 yards.
Edward Walker was 2 for 14 for a total of 29 yards.
Royals Receiving
Omar Powell had 1 reception for 30 yards.
Jakob Kennedy had 1 reception for 22 yards.
William Harbert had 1 reception for 19 yards.
Colonial Heights Rushing
Maurice Sykes had 8 carries for 52 yards total.
Hunter Spence had 15 carries for 48 yards.
Colonial Heights passing
Hunter Spence was 13 for 29 with 113 yards gained passing.
Colonial Heights Receiving
Andrew Daisey had 5 receptions for 45 yards.
Rayquan Rogers had 2 receptions for 41 yards.

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