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PG shuts out TD
Oct 31, 2017, 08:19

Amelia Johnson drives up the field into Thomas Dale territory.

Holding down the Prince George Field Hockey Team for the 1st period 1 to 0, Thomas Dale’s defense had their mark on the Royal’s offense. That was until halftime when the Royals huddled up and the plan was set to wreak havoc.
“We were working a lot on moving and not staying still ... waiting for the ball to come to us,” said Royals Field Hockey Coach Maggie Roberts. “When we move it’s really hard to mark, and if we kept doing that then it’s hard for teams to be able to catch up to us and be able to stop the ball.”
It was an emotional night for the Prince George Royals. It was senior’s night and the 12th graders knew this would be one of their last times on thehome field explained Roberts. But after that 1st period huddle, the Royals picked up the pace, kept the Thomas Dale defenders off their mark. And then they shut out the Thomas Dale Knights 6 to 0 in last Thursday’s game at Prince George High School.
It wasn’t one star player that has pushed the Royals through this season with 13 wins and 3 losses. It has been their strength as a unit with communication and selflessness on the field. They key in on open players that can drive the ball in, which led to a wide range of 5 scorers in the 2nd period. Watching those different scorers is always fun for Roberts.
“It’s always fun to watch when that happens, they are a very unselfish team,” the coach commented. “They look to see who is open and they pass the ball to them.”
Georgia Adair led the Royals in goals with 2 including the 1st goal of the game. Abby Jones and Izzy Adair both had one goal and an assist. Lauren Parrish had one goal in their game.
If Maggie Roberts had to choose anyone as a standout it would be Kyla Nase. The Prince George Goalie had 4 saves against the Knights including a penalty shot.
“She came up big when she needed to come up big,” the coach relayed. “It’s fun to watch her at the goal she’s grown a lot over the last 2 years since I’ve been with her.”

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