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Firefighters extinquish blaze at JRMC behavioral health center
Oct 31, 2017, 08:36

Firefighters are on the scene at a fire at JRMC Wellness Pavilion on Tuesday night.

HOPEWELL – As red lights flashed from fire trucks and ambulances, it was the typical scene outside of the John Randolph Medical Center Tuesday night. It was not a patient transport to the emergency room. Instead, Fire and Emergency Crews were on scene to battle a blaze at the JRMC Wellness Pavilion, a behavioral health treatment facility beside the hospital.
At 6:27 p.m. on Tuesday, Hopewell Fire and Rescue responded to the report of the fire at the facility just at the right on the main hospital.
Because of the fast action of the Hopewell firefighters, no one was injured in the incident. In fact, they were on scene in just minutes and able to contain the fire so no one was displaced from the facility that treats patients facing behavioral health issues.
Fire Chief Jerry Hays explained that the heating and air units in the rooms are much like those in hotels. They function under the windows. ‘That’s where the fire started,” he explained,” pointing to a second floor window while crews finished up operations around 8 p.m.
Medical staff were able to direct patients to a large room on the first floor and no one had to be taken out of the facility or housed elsewhere.
“They are able to stay in the building tonight and operate as normal,” Hays said.
The call came in Tuesday evening, and the Hopewell Fire Chief Donald Hunter II was on his way to the City Council meeting when he swung by the Wellness Pavilion to assess the situation.
Still, Hopewell Fire and EMS came out in full force, with three fire engines and two ambulances prepared for what could happen if the fire did spread.
“We knew what was going on before we even arrived on scene,” Hays reported. “We were here in just minutes and had everything under control. No one was hurt, and no one had to be evacuated.”

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