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Hopewell Federated Woman’s Club Update
By Joan Holland, Contributor
Jun 5, 2017, 15:18

Perfect attendance awards were presented to Marian Henry and Janet Evans who attended all nine club meetings from last September through this May.
Sally Sparks displays one of the dolls from Dolls on a Mission.

The sun was shining, and the breeze was warm and refreshing as ladies from the Hopewell Federated Woman’s Club stepped inside River’s Bend Grill in Enon for their new officer’s installation on Wednesday, May 17th.
Club President Janet Evans smiled happily as she called the meeting to order and welcomed guests and members to the pleasant event.  Mrs. Evans also gave the Devotional, reading from “The Finish Line” story from the book, First Thing Every Morning,  which told of the struggles of composer George Handel before his ultimate triumph with Handel’s Messiah. Joan Holland, who acts as the club’s Recording Secretary, led all participants in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.  These women are very patriotic and pray for God’s guidance for our land.
Singer/guitarist and Hopewell native Tony Farris gave a delightful performance to entertain the club members.  He sang and played guitar while club women enjoyed their delicious luncheon,  Ladies were smiling and swaying in tune to the melodies, and tapping their toes to the beat of Mr. Farris’ melodic music.  As one lady said to the personable singer after his performance: “Your music is perfect to eat by!” He laughed, and thanked her. Mr. Farris was most gracious and appreciative to the audience, saying how happy he was to be invited to perform. The talented young singer even brought gifts for his appreciative listeners: CDs of his wonderful music. Tony was terrific!
Perfect attendance awards were presented to Marian Henry and Janet Evans, who attended all nine club meetings from September 2016- May 2017.
For the installation of officers, the excellent former club President Connie Wilde presided.  She spoke of “outstanding former officers, calling the names of former Club Presidents, 
Then Mrs. Wilde called forward the incoming club officers “Variety is the spice of life,” Mrs. Wilde began. She spoke of the different members who provide a “Variety of personalities and talents, which are pleasing to all members.” She spoke also of Solomon, who called spices rare jewels, and whose search for spices changed history.  
Mrs. Wilde gifted each new officer with a spice, and she told of how the different spices reflected the different facets of requirements for each club office. She read the duties of each position of leadership and asked each woman if she was willing to assume the challenges. Each one said, “I do,” as they were installed.  Smiles graced the faces of Janet Evans, Betty Hopper, Jo Noland, Marian Henry,Joan Holland, Anne Kitchen,  & Connie Wilde. Mrs. Evans continues her duties as President, as do Jo Noland as 2nd Vice President, Joan Holland as Recording Secretary, and Connie Wilde as Treasurer and Parliamentarian.  Marian Henry returns as an officer, serving as 3rd Vice President, and Betty Hopper stood in for Robin Williamson, who assumes the office of 1st Vice President.  Everyone congratulated the new officers.
Beautiful floral door prizes were won, which delighted the lucky recipients. Women chatted amiably, and they enjoyed the ambiance of the pretty room in Rivers Bend Grill.
President Evans spoke at the conclusion of the meeting regarding the club’s many achievements during the year,  She smiled as she mentioned to members of the wonderful accolades the club received at the Southside District meeting in March, winning five awards for their good works.  Mrs. Evans thanked all the members for their hard work and teamwork.   
The good works continue for this group of talented ladies, with creations of dolls to be sent to children in various countries.  Every other Thursday members meet at Creative Friends Art Center to help with the Dolls On A Mission project, which sends dolls with a heartwarming Christian message to children who need them badly..  The ladies also give much needed supplies to the James House, the Hopewell Food Pantry, and many other worthy projects. They help to provide scholarships to college-bound students from Hopewell High, and most years their highly popular Fashion Show raises approximately $1,400 toward this goal
The meetings will resume in September, but the worthy work continues - all through the summer and year-round.

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