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Historic Hopewell Foundation:
Jun 9, 2017, 16:11

The Historic Hopewell Foundation’s Lunch and Lecture series held its first lecture series on May 31 at the Appaomattox Regional Library in Hopewell. 2017 is filled with fantastic local talent, but on this occasion artist Ed Hatch from Prince George, was invited for a second time to teach the audience more about nature painting in a series entitled, “Shapes, Values and Light.”
The Lunch and Lecture series started out as an initiative for residents to visit Weston Manor where the series was previously held. However because of its success the series was moved to the library where an increasing number of residents continues to attend.
Ed Hatch has been a full-time artist for more than 20 years. Some honors associated with his work include an Arts Professional Fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in 1980, selected for the Art for the Embassy program in 2007, juror for multiple arts exhibitions, and has art featured in multiple museums.
As he characterized in his artist statement, “I see art as a visceral, almost spiritual means of communication. Since I was a boy, I have known that art fulfills me and speaks to me in ways that I find difficult to express in words. But, what I find in nature is quite simply, pure poetry. I strive to express this in my work. I see such extraordinary beauty in everyday moments – moments that might go unnoticed. I want people to participate in my paintings – to be caught up in the scenes as much as I was when I stopped to paint them – to feel the depth, the fleeting light and the mist, to wonder what is around the bend. That’s it, I think, to share the wonder. I find great joy in my work and I am fortunate to do what I do every day.”
Hatch demonstrated his work, painting a small nature pairing of a cloudy field. He explained aspects of a painting such as horizon lines, color blending, values and light. Hatch’s demonstration is the first of many presentations hosted by the Historic Hopewell Foundation.

Future presentations include:

June 7–Zack Artis–Music:  The Universal Language 
June 14–Charles Wissinger–Stringfellow:  Most Dangerous Man in the Confederacy (costumed interpreter) 
June 21–Martha Mann Atkinson–The Petersburg Preservation Task Force and the Petersburg Museums:  Open for Business 
June 28–Jacob Lief–Peter Francisco:  Hercules of the Revolution (costumed interpreter)
July 05–George Fickett–The History of Fort Fowhatan
July 12–Marc Holma–Thomas Jefferson:  The Pen of the Revolution (costumed interpreter) 
July 19–Paula McDonough–Martha Washington:  Her Life and Legacy (costumed interpreter)
July 26–Johnny Jones–Potpourri:  Assortment of Musical Numbers 

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