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Blue Sox Continue Undefeated
Jun 9, 2017, 16:20

CJ Henderson runs to 1st base.

Beneath the sweltering June heat, the Prince George Blue Sox, Virginia Commonwealth Baseball League Team, had a barn burner against the Dinwiddie County Giants last Sunday.
“Everybody is coming out for you when you’re undefeated. You can’t take anyone lightly,” said Blue Sox Coach Bill Crockett
Both teams were locked-and-loaded as they battled into the final inning with both teams taking the lead at different points. Momentum was on one team’s side for single innings at a time. The Blue Sox narrowly defeated the Giants 9 to 8, bringing their winning streak up to 6.
Their victory came when the Dinwiddie Giants pitcher walked two Blue Sox. The Blue Sox had two outs against them and the pitcher looked like he was struggling, said Crockett.
The next Blue Sox hitter was intentionally walked to 1st, a ploy to bring in a weaker hitter to get the 3rd out that would keep the game tied at 8 to 8. “A strategy that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t,” noted Crockett. “This time wasn’t one of those times.” The Giants pitcher hit the Blue Sox player, who got the walk to 1st and with the bases loaded, gave the Blue Sox their narrow victory.
“Luck is with us,” said Coach Crockett. “I tell them that every game.”
Blue Sox pitcher, Nick Ott, pitched 7 innings with 3 strikeouts and 3 earned runs against him. Reed Raikes and Jacoby Fields each gave the Blue Sox 2 runs apiece. Antoine Barnes swung in 2 RBI’s in 1 inning that gave the Blue Sox one of their temporary leads.

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