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Blue Devils Baseball Team Post-Season
Jun 9, 2017, 16:24

Knocked out in the first round of the 3A Regional Tournament, the Blue Devils have gone 10 years without reaching the double digit win threshold. Until this year, with a stacked pitching staff and a strong defense behind them, that made them an underestimated Trojan horse in the Central District that left the season with 10 wins and 12 loses.
Chris Moseley was back as the Hopewell pitcher with 55 strikeouts over the course of the season. Moseley made 2nd team utility player. But the surprise on the pitcher’s mound was Kyle Cheney, who will be their ace next season on the mound.
“Honestly, he was our ace this season. We set out not having one in mind,” said Blue Devils Coach Adam Capps. “But then he stepped up in our winning games against Colonial Heights and Thomas Dale.”
Holding down the bases for the Blue Devils was Naz Cooper on 3rd base, who was a big savior for them defensively said Coach Capps. Coupled with Ricky Jones, center fielder, was Hopewell’s aggressive base runner with 20 runs in the season. Dawsyn Hock was Hopewell’s heavy hitter with 21 runs batted in.
At their final game of the season, Hopewell played against Riverside, a team with one loss, in an aggressive barn burner with two strong defenses punishing the other. Both teams had 5 hits through the course of the game. With neither team gaining a strong lead, but Riverside squeaked by with 1 run that gave them their victory, after an error in the 2nd inning.
“If you would tell me we would only give up one run to that team, I’d bet that we’d be victorious,” said Blue Devils Baseball Coach Adam Capps.
And peering back at the Hopewell Blue Devils Baseball Team record, a comeback wouldn’t be something unexpected. The Hopewell Blue Devils Baseball Team had a reputation for being scrappy; clawing and fighting their way from being down, said Coach Adam Capps. Not once did the Hopewell Blue Devils succumb to the slaughter rule that ends a game early when a team trails behind by 10 runs.
“If you look at most of our wins and loses we came back from being down to doing a lot of damage,” said Coach Capps. “I would always challenge the guys if we were down to scratch the ball for a run or two.”
Colonial Heights learned that the hard way. Hopewell was down 0 to 5 in the final inning when an upsurge of 6 runs in the final inning took them over the top that included a hit by Blue Devils Ryan Johnson that brought in 3 runs that won Hopewell the game.
The highlight of the season for Hopewell was the defeat of the Thomas Dale Knights in their first encounter. Capps had never seen a victory against Thomas Dale in his years as a player or as an assistant coach. Hopewell defeated Thomas Dale 4 to 1.
“Hopewell is a scrappy team, you let them hang around and you could be in trouble,” said Thomas Dale Varsity Coach Christopher Marshall in a previous interview. “We found out the hard way earlier in year.”
Capps added that the future for the Blue Devils Baseball Team looks good except for the void that will have to be filled on the pitchers mound with the loss of Cameren Hill and Chris Moseley.
“We’re going to be a little depeleted on the mound,” said the Coach. “People will have to step up and they will.”

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