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Shrimp Feast Provides a big Boost for Heights Kiwanis Club
By Caitlin Davis
Sep 21, 2012, 10:30

photo by Caitin Davis "Excuse me sir, I'll take more." Joshua Atchely, Kiwanis Club member serves up shrimp at the 20th "Shrimp Feast" held at the Appomattox Small Boat Harbor on Wednesday night. 500 pounds of shrimp were used for the event.

This year’s Colonial Heights Kiwanis Club Shrimp Feast went through 500 lbs of shrimp and added hundreds of dollars to the pot the civic club uses to fund scholarships. The event, held at the Appomattox Small Boat Harbor, was a chance for the community to come out and enjoy seafood by the water.

As people stood in line, with plates in hand, Gary Thompson, Project Chairman for the Colonial Heights Kiwanis Club, said this year’s event was the first held at the harbor and was turning out to be a great success.

“We have raised over $225,000 over the Shrimp Feasts,” Thompson said. “We fund scholarships for high school students going to college.”

Started 20 years ago, the Feast is held in honor of a former Kiwanis member, Bill Humphries, who passed away from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Thompson said the event has grown tremendously since its beginnings. Thompson remembers attending that first feast as a member of the club and has been working to arrange the annual event for 16 years.

“The first year we had around 250 people,” Thompson said. “When the economy was humming we had close to 900.”
photo by Caitlin Davis Members of the local community gather on the lawn of the Appomattox Small Boat Harbor at the 20th "Shrimp Feast" held by the Colonial Heights Kiwanis Club.

“It is a really neat event for us,” Thompson said.

John Saba, owner of Ettrick Deli, provided the beans for the event. Saba, who has owned the deli for 10 years, said he has always remembered participating in the feast, noting it is for a good cause.

“It is a good cause,” Saba said. “Everything they do is for someone else’s benefit.”

Even though the event is named for the shrimp, Saba said that is not the favorite part of his meal.

“I think the food is awesome,” Saba said. “Especially the beans.”

Appomattox Small Boat Harbor owner, Crista Cato Manieri, was also in attendance. Manieri, who said her favorite part of the feast were the hush puppies, noted that the harbor was pleased to host the event because it provided the perfect setting in support of a good cause.

“Shrimp and water kind of go hand in hand,” Manieri said.

Taking advantage of the location was Colonial Heights resident, Vivian Wall. She said her daughter belongs to the Kiwanis Club and has been attending the feast since its beginnings.

“I ate all they could give me plus what I could take home to eat,” Wall said as her empty plate of shrimp shells sat beside her on the table.
photo by Caitlin Davis The band, Bittersweet, provided the entertainment for the 20th "Shrimp Feast" held by the Colonial Heights Kiwanis Club. Some even danced on the lawn after finishing their shrimp.

Joey Mitchell, of Prince George, was polishing off his plate of shrimp to the strains of the band Bittercreek as the sun began to set.

“It was excellent,” Mitchell said of the meal. “My favorite, without a doubt, was the shrimp.”

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