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Osage Bio Energy up for tax sale
By Staff Reports
Oct 26, 2012, 15:27

There will be a next step for the Osage Bio Energy Plant in Hopewell. In a city council meeting on Oct. 16, Vice-Mayor Wayne Walton made a motion to authorize the City Attorney, David Fratarcangelo, to initiate legal actions to initiate a tax sale of the Osage Bio Energy Plant. The motion was passed unanimously by council.

The total tax sale is for the amount of $1,676,824.06, which comes from the assessed value of the property. The taxes that have to be collected on the property are delinquent.

“This will be pursued as any property with delinquent taxes,” Fratacangelo said.

Fratacangelo said the motion now allows the city to enter into a tax sale which forces a tax lien to be collected. The firm of Sands Anderson in Hopewell will be in charge of the tax sale for Osage.

The process of collecting delinquent taxes includes a 30-day notice, in the form of a letter, given to the property owner (s) and an ad has to be placed in the paper of the property being up for sale. Once these notices are given, a lawsuit can be filed against the the owner(s) of the property. The parties involved then have 21-days to respond to the lawsuit.

If no response is given, the court will then appoint a special commissioner to sell the property on a given date. In this time period, the owner of the property could come forward, pay the taxes, and all fees and cost incurred due to the lawsuit, and continue to have ownership of the property.

“When it goes up for sale the city could bid on it and own it all,” Fratacangelo said.

The last legal proceedings that was done for the Osage Plant was back in August 1 of this year when a letter of credit of posted.

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