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Roosevelt Edwards, Ward 2
By Local Candidates
Nov 3, 2012, 11:52

Why are you running for reelection: ďIím running for reelection because I was assigned a task by the circuit judge...He gave me his stamp of approval to run the city. He had confidence in me to run the city and he chose me...Reverend Curtis Harris, after his 26 years of service, heís given me his public endorsement, so those are key issues that I feel like the legacy really needs to continue to move forward within the ward. Thereís a need for good leadership.

What are your main goals, if reelected: ďWhen I first came on, I promised the people two things, and Iíve delivered. Beautification and reduced crime. Iíve put in a number of work orders. Iíve worked along side Public Works, submitting work orders and requests in the city managerís office. And things are actually getting done. Also, crime is down three percent in Ward 2, in five months... When I get elected, I think we have to get jobs to the city. I think we need a strong economic development plan, because right now, the city, we do not have a strategic plan. We donít know what Hopewell wants to look like. I feel like if we develop a strategic plan, things will be better and weíll have a vision and a goal to where we need to be headed.Ē

What are some of the biggest issues facing Hopewell: ďSome of the main issues of the city are the way that city council is spending money and the way that our budget currently is, the way weíre dispersing funds in different areas. Thatís a thorn in peopleís side, concerning the Beacon Theatre, concerning the Marina, being that they both received two bids through the same company and he has close to $5 million from the city...Thatís a huge issue.... As far as our ward, there is a concern with the larceny cases. The break in of cars. These are small things, and tedious, but I feel that, as a whole, people do feel safer. Some of the other things are beautification of our city. We need to hold these landlords accountable for their properties, to upgrade them and upkeep them. Such as that 600 East Broadway...My son and I went down and we got all of the tenantsí information, their contact information, and I submitted it to Social Service, who had a third party out of Petersburg that was helping out with the project, and those people were able to receive service that was due to them. It wasnít a city issue, but we are having talking points, how we can develop a strategy for the next time something like this happens. [The displaced residents] were able to receive services, and I feel thatís one of the critical points of my service, that we went down and made sure they were helped and somebody cared. All of them thanked me, but itís part of my job.Ē

(Editorís note: The apartment complex at 600 E. Broadway was declared unfit for habitation in Aug., requiring its residents to find other accommodations in the space of a few days. )

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