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Wanda Pisarek, Ward 4
By Local Candidates
Nov 3, 2012, 12:09

(responses sent by email)

Why are you running for City Council: “I have lived in Hopewell for over 23 years and take pride in my community.  We are at a point where important decisions need to be made about the future course of our City.  When elected, I will return fiscal responsibility and restore your confidence in our elected officials. I will be part of the solution, not the problem. I feel as you do, too much time and money has been wasted on projects which are not beneficial in gaining revenue for the city. Increasing our taxes is not increasing revenue!   Small businesses are closing and not being replaced, and it is extremely defeating to drive through our community and see so many vacant store fronts. I want to change that.  We need to bring necessary changes to the way our money is spent, and pay more attention to what is the most fiscally responsible course of action for our city and its citizens. I believe my vast financial knowledge in the private sector and my experience working as a contract administrator is critical and is exactly what is needed to assist in balancing our budgets.  The ethanol plant is a perfect example of council not making “common sense” decisions.  The Hopewell Mill Outlet sat abandoned for so many years in our community, now replaced by the ethanol plant, which was to bring revenue and new jobs, once again sits idle as a reminder of a poor and costly decision made by council.”

What are your main goals, if elected:  “When elected, I would like to get the necessary road repairs for all the neighborhoods, and try to make the city as a whole more appealing to tourists, potential home buyers, and businesses.  With the additional growth in the West End, one of my top priorities is a new, fully staffed fire station. There are so many new homes and sub-divisions; Cobblestone, Anchor Point, Shady Oaks and Cameron’s Landing, and we need to protect those homes in the event of a fire and provide medical assistance in case of an emergency. We, as a city, need to look at the overall safety of our citizens, and the condition of our roads before allowing excessive money to be used in renovating historical sites.”

What are the biggest issues facing Hopewell: “Hopewell’s most pressing issue is the lack of responsive government. Throughout this election process, and speaking with so many citizens, I have been reminded that they feel their concerns are continuously falling on deaf ears.  Too much emphasis is being placed on “pet projects” that serve political gains rather than spending money on fiscally responsible needs such as public services and streets. More consideration is needed to increase the living standards for our city’s professionals, we need to appreciate and keep the good people we have!”

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