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Steve Nugent, Ward 4
By Local Candidates
Nov 3, 2012, 12:19

Why are you running for City Council: “It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. I haven’t had the time to dedicate to the position up until now...I feel that I have the knowledge and the time is right for me to take this opportunity.”

What are your main goals if elected: “Doing the best for the city of Hopewell in every sense of the word, from Hopewell Parks and Recreation to the City Council. Get the image of City Council switched over to a positive energy...My goals are to do what’s right for the city of Hopewell and bring my experience and my business sense to the city of Hopewell. Develop more businesses, bring new businesses to town, take care of whatever needs to be done so far as City Council...My main goal is to take each individual issue and do what’s best for Hopewell...My whole goal is to get the issues we’ve got right for the city of Hopewell.”

What are some of the biggest issues facing Hopewell: “I have had the opportunity to walk and meet a lot of new people in this journey over the last three months, walking through Ward 4, finding out issues that really affect a lot of the citizens here in Hopewell and Ward 4. Curb and Getter is one on Court Rd. and Sunset...What’s done with the Beacon Theatre is done, no matter who gets elected in Ward 4. They can’t take that money away, but we can look at that situation long and hard if I get elected to see where we can move forward. I would like the Beacon Theatre to succeed, but I would not like it to succeed under taxpayer’s dollars. The 295 issue has come up quite often. I’m for that. It’s generating revenue to the city, it’s keeping the taxes low and the bottom line is that people are speeding out there on 295...Smaller issues really concern me as well, with the citizens here in Hopewell, the issues that mean something to them. Grass growing up in the street, pot holes, curb and gutter, drainage issues that people have in their individual homes. Stuff like that is what we want to take care of. I’m somebody who pays attention to detail.”

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