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Brenda Pelham, Ward 6
By Local Candidates
Nov 3, 2012, 12:33

Why are you running for reelection: “I want to continue to serve the constituents of Ward 6 as well as the community. I want to continue to try and improve education, infrastructure and economic status in the city.” 

What are your main goals, if reelected: “My major goal is economic development and infrastructure improvements. As I look back over my eight years on council, we have done well with bringing businesses to the area. We need to continue with our downtown efforts and increasing our tax base...Additional money needs to go towards neighborhoods to improve drainage in Wards 6,2,7, and 1.” 

What are some of the biggest issues facing Hopewell: “Again, education of course. Right now we have an 89 percent graduation rate but that is still 11 out of every 100 that don’t graduate within four years...We also need to work on our economic development to grow our economic base to keep improving the city. And surrounding all of that is to continue improving crime and housing. We need to continue to keep crime down in the city.” 

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