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Pancake breakfast to save a piece of county history
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Jan 16, 2013, 11:50

photo by Caitlin Davis Dave Story, who has been a volunteer fire fighter for 52 years, was on hand Saturday morning to serve up pancakes, sausage and bacon.

The smell of sizzling pancakes, bacon and sausage wafted through the air on Saturday morning at Prince George Fire and EMS, Company 1.

More was cooking than just breakfast. The event was a fundraiser to cook up the money needed to bring back a piece of history.

“The money raised is going towards the county’s restoration of the county’s first fire engine,” Paul Petro, Fire Chief of Company 1, said. “We are approximately $50,000 into the restoration.”

Petro said the engine, a 1943 Seagrave, is more than just a truck. He said it is a rare piece of history that the county has its hands on. The Seagrave was one of seven trucks manufactured in 1943 and is now one of two in existence in the country. It is also the county’s first fire engine.

“It is a piece of history of this county,” Petro said. “If you let it go away, you cannot get it back. It is irreplaceable...that truck is viewed by some as the fabric of the county.”

The money for restoration efforts has come from fundraisers alone. He added that many of the county residents who have attended offered “very, very generous donations.”

Petro said almost 200 people from the community turned out to have breakfast at Company 1, making the event a community focused affair.

“This brings us closer to the community and gives us face time with the people we serve,” Petro said. “There is not enough of that.”

Dave Story, who has been a volunteer firefighter for 52 years, said he was not being stingy on the bacon that morning. As he served up plates of food, he said that the 7 a.m. opening was too late.
photo by Caitlin Davis Eugene Longfield Prince George said as he was enjoying the food at the pancake breakfast at Prince George Company 1 to raise money to restore the first engine.

“We had a lot of people waiting at 7 am when we opened the door,” Story said. “This brings the community together. They do as much visiting as they do eating. It’s like old family week here this morning.”

To make a donation towards the restoration efforts of Seagrave, send cash or check to: Prince George Volunteer Fire Department, Company 1, PO Box 22, Prince George, VA 23875. Receipt available upon request.

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