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Shots fired in Hopewell
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Jul 8, 2013, 14:48

HOPEWELL — Early Wednesday afternoon. reports of gunfire at Thomas Rolfe Court were called into the Hopewell Police Department. Chief John Keohane said the reason behind the gunfire is unknown and is urging those involved to come forward.

Keohane said in the hours following the shooting a variety of reports were beginning to get called into the police department as to the reasons behind what was described as “a person wildly shooting a weapon.”

Some of the possibilities of the shooting could stem from an issue regarding drugs or what Keohane said could have been someone being “disrespected.”

The police department has also been getting many reports on a possible suspect, with some saying the shooter left the scene and others saying the shooter went into one of the apartments at the complex.

“We have our suspicions,” Keohane said of the identity of the shooter. “But we do not have our final confirmations.”

Though no one was injured from the shooting, Keohane remains concerned that the gunfire occurred in the first place, especially at 12:15 on a Wednesday afternoon.

“When you fire a weapon the bullet travels a long distance before it even hits a target,” Keohane said. “It could have hit a child or another human being especially when you are firing a gun recklessly.”

When police responded to the scene, Keohane reported there were around 80 people at the scene. Even with that many people present, no one has come forward with the name of a potential suspect.

“Why has no one come forward?” Keohane asked. “No one should want that in their neighborhood.”

Keohane said he, along with the department, is focused on cleaning up the “thug mentality” that exists in the city. The mentality, he said, which causes someone to pick up a weapon and begin to fire a weapon recklessly and wildly.

Keohane said four to six rounds were fired. Though the cause of the gunfire is still unknown at this time, there will be increased patrols at the housing complex.

“We need to spend extra resources there in case there is any beef or retaliation factors,” Keohane said. “We truly need citizens to take a stand against this. We have got to get this out of the neighborhood.”

He also noted that the police department is also going heavily enforce the no trespassing rule at the complex, in which an individual who does not reside at Thomas Rolfe is not allowed to stay at the apartments.

After the shooting occurred, a car fled the scene at a high rate of speed but Keohane said it was unrelated to the shooting.

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