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Lights, Camera, Action!
Jul 12, 2017, 14:26

Hopewell open’s its arms to more filmmakers as indie production company Ramer Productions prepares to shoot a project titled Dirty Money. Director Bobby Mercer expressed his interest in film making, creativity and, of course, Hopewell as he discussed the project and thankfulness to the city for accommodating the project.
Assistant City Manage Charlie Dane announced to City Council on June 27 that another film would be coming to Hopewell though this production will be on smaller scale compared to the previous film premier Imperium. Mercer described his production as a low budget caper with the same amount of production value as Imperium.
Dirty Money is a film written and directed by Mercer, the plot of which follows a group of mobsters attempting a heist. The film is mixed genre or crime, drama with a tinge of romance. Compared to Mercer’s previous projects Sure Thing and Finding Alyce, Dirty Money is a whole new style of film.
“We try not get boxed in too much into a specific genre,” Mercer said. “Cause once you’re in a box, well, you’re stuck there.”
Typically large productions companies contact film organizations like the Virginia Film Office to organize shooting locations but Mercer and company took the route of contacting municipalities themselves.
“We just kind started in on Hopewell as kind of an afterthought hoping we could find a specific single location and we just kind sent out a letter to Hopewell as well as several other jurisdictions in the area.” Mercer described. “And I’ve got to say Charlie Dane and Jake Elder are really looking out for Hopewell. They’re both really go-getters and boosters for Hopewell they’d like to see more and more things coming to Hopewell.”
After visiting Hopewell Mercer claims he intends to film two thirds of the film in Hopewell and hopes to announce an open casting call sometime in the future. Mercer who comes from a blue collar considers film making a part of his evolution as a creative. After experimenting in several different art forms Mercer had a unique epiphany.
“I woke up one morning and I realized that there’s no licensing process and no legal fees to call yourself a director. It’s one of those things you proclaim yourself on and so that’s what I did,” Mercer stated.
After visiting with the Assistant City Manager and Elder, Mercer is looking forward to shooting in Hopewell and is thankful for the support the city has shown him thus far.

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