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Prince George native debuts play in Hopewell
By Ashley McLeod, Staff Writer
Aug 23, 2013, 13:11

ASHLEY MCLEOD/HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT Members of the cast performing in tonight’s stage play. From left to right: Brothers Antrome and Jerann Robinson; Grayson Brown, co-owner of Visions Enterprise, LLC; Bre’Anna Scott, and writer and director Mark Pettaway.

“Turning A New Leaf” will make its debut in Hopewell tonight. The stage play, written and directed by Prince George native Mark Pettaway, tells the powerful story of overcoming life struggles.

“It’s a stage play that’s focused around African American families and their struggles,” said Pettaway, who also is acting in the production.

The play debuted in Richmond in June, and will now come to the Tri-Cities for a performance at Hopewell High School.

Pettaway wrote the play in order to tell the story of his life, and how he overcame his struggles and changed his life for the better. Some of these struggles include teenage pregnancy, the power of greed, and dealing with loss. Pettaway said he wants to motivate those who are lost or have turned down the wrong path with his production.

“I think my biggest focus is to show people how you can change your life, and motivate people towards changing,” Pettaway said.

Pettaway was raised in a single-parent home, with only his mother. The importance of his mother in his life was one of the main aspects he said he wanted to emphasize in his production.

“My focus in life was based around my mother, and everything I was taught by her impacted me a lot,” Pettaway said.

This role is being portrayed by Momma Pauline, performed by Bre’Anna Scott. Momma Pauline is described as the glue that holds the family together, while dealing with the death of her husband.

“Her wisdom and love of Christ guide her to make sure her sons are raised right, that if they stray, they can come back to a positive light,” Scott said.

The play is being presented by Visions Enterprises LLC, which is an entertainment company owned by Pettaway and his business partner Grayson Brown, who is also starring in the play. The second part of this story, “Faded Seasons” is currently being finalized by Pettaway.

The play reveals the journey of different characters, and how they overcame their struggles, while pulling at your emotions with acting as well as singing and music.

“You definitely will laugh, and you definitely will cry. It’s an elevator ride, and I hope everyone enjoys it,” Pettaway said.

Pettaway has written two stage plays prior to this production, and uses his talents at interior design to help design stage sets as well.

“Turning A New Leaf” will begin at 7 p.m. tonight, Aug. 24, at Hopewell High School. Tickets are $21.

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