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Ambulance stolen from hospital
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Aug 30, 2013, 13:49

HOPEWELL — While a first responder was inside John Randolph Medical Center on Wednesday night, the ambulance parked outside was being driven down Route 10 and not by Fire and EMS personnel.

Around 7:30 pm, a first responder had carried a patient to the emergency room at the medical center. This responder had left the ambulance running and when they returned outside, the ambulance was gone, according to Fire Chief John Tunstall.

The first responder notified the Hopewell Police Department about the stolen ambulance, as well as the hospital. A short time after being reported as stolen, the ambulance was found off Allied Road, a short three to four miles from the hospital, just outside the city in Chesterfield County.

Tunstall said that no damage was done to the ambulance and it was back on the road that same night. The fire chief said the only thing of note was the suspect left the lights on and the battery on the ambulance had been run down.

“We were lucky,” Tunstall said of the incident. “Usually when something like this happens, when we find it, most of the time it has been wrecked. They just drove it and abandoned it.”

The police department is not releasing any information about the suspect at this time. The department said the suspect was found not far from the ambulance and was taken into custody, though they are not commenting as to whether or not the person is still in custody or has been released.

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