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Stodola – a new venue for weddings, reunions
Jul 12, 2017, 14:30

The Stodola is coming to Prince George County. It means “barn” in the Czech language and will be a family-owned and operated business to locate on the Vtipil farm. The family traces it’s roots to the rich history of the county descendants of the Czechoslovakian immigrants who moved here after the Civil War, and the members of the family have not only stayed here, but continue to make a difference in service to country and community.
Don Vtipil, Jr. is a retired Army colonel and now president of
R&DA - Research and Development Associates for Military Food and Packaging that provides life-changing gifts to wounded warriors.
He requested the special exception along with wife Deborah Vtipil, who owns a hair salon on Prince George Drive. The couple asked for a special exception to have an assembly hall, a family owned and operated business located near their now planned single family dwelling on the Vtipil farm. The business use will include a main barn, a pavilion, restrooms and separate dressing rooms for weddings, family reunions and similar events.
In a letter sent out to neighboring residents, Don Vtipil explained rezoning the property from residential to residential agriculture eliminated the 117 home subdivision that was going to be built there allowed him to purchase the family farm and put the land back in the Vtipil name. “In the near future we will be building our home on the property and returning to where I grew up,” he noted. “This month marks the 110th anniversary of the farm that my great grandparents settled on in 1907.
“The assembly hall will be known as ‘The Stodola,’ which means barn in Czech and will be able to host weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties and an assortment of other meeting events,” he added while inviting guests to an awareness meeting held in May giving ample time to fully inform local residents of the plan before the public hearing recently.
Zoning Administrator Douglas Miles explained that the proposed special exception request for the property at 4620 Prince George Drive, would allow for the new business to add additional tax revenue and offer to county residents and the surrounding community an assembly hall meeting space at the planned facility site.
Both Deborah and Don Vtipil, Jr., who currently own businesses in the county, met with the Police Department and agreed they will work to maintain traffic control for planned assembly hall events. They also have been working with the Virginia Department of Transportation to address better site access there along State Route 156 and have taken care to ensure proper sight distance clearances have met.
Under the conditions set forth by zoning administration, construction permits will be required for construction of the assembly hall building and for any alterations or changes of use to other structures on the property, and plans must be submitted for review.
The applicants will be required to provide staffing for private parking and proper traffic circulation, and notify the Police Department within 30 days before an event.
Any moblle food service carts, portable toilets and hand washing stations that may be used for events must be approved by the state Health Department. Proper litter control measures shall be put in place at the assembly hall events with the use of both trash containers and recycling bins.
The Vtipils must follow noise ordinance rules and can operate Mondays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sundays 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the request. Don Vtipil said the facility would, “take advantage of the country side the county is known for. In addition to building our home on the property, we want others to enjoy the farm.”

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