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Truckers get 2 years in prison for gas thefts
By Blake Belden, Staff Writer
Sep 20, 2013, 12:37

PRINCE GEORGE — Two Florida truck drivers were sentenced to 20 years in prison, with 18 years suspended, on Tuesday morning after being found guilty of stealing hundreds of gallons of gasoline from a Prince George gas station, according to the Prince George commonwealth’s attorney.

After pleading not guilty to a combined total of more than 30 charges, Osmin Hernandez Exposito and Miguel Vasquez Echemendia were each convicted in July of two counts of grand larceny and two counts of tampering with gas pumps.

They were caught stealing gas in September 2012 from the US Gas Station on Crater Road through the use of a pulser device, which essentially tampers with the meter on the gas pump allowing one to extract gasoline without getting charged for it.

Both men were sentenced to 10 years in prison with eight years, six months suspended for the counts of grand larceny.  For tampering with the gas pumps, they were sentenced to 10 years in prison with nine years, six months suspended.

In addition to two active years in jail, both men will be required to pay a fine that corresponds to the amount of stolen gasoline found in each individual’s tractor trailer.  Echemendia must pay a fine of $633, and Exposito must pay $606.

The suspensions will remain in effect on the grounds that both men keep the peace, be of good behavior, pay their fines and be put on indefinite supervised probation.

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