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Foster keeps his seat on PG School Board
By Blake Belden, Staff Writer
Nov 6, 2013, 13:10


PRINCE GEORGE — Prince George County School Board incumbent Kevin Foster will retain his position for District 2 after he received 64 percent of the district’s vote on Tuesday night.

Foster took 2,848 votes running against Melissa Riddick who received 1,580 votes.  There were 36 votes where people wrote in a separate person’s name on the ballot.

After standing in the registrar’s office to hear the results when they came in, Foster was excited for his re-election.

“I’m certainly appreciative of all the campaign support financially here at the polls today.  It’s a great victory for Prince George county, great victory for me. I do want to commend [Melissa] Riddick for getting into the race and running and we hope that the citizens of Prince George have put me back in to do what’s right for the kids of Prince George,” Foster said.

With Foster’s new term, he hopes to prioritize several facets within the county’s educational system.

“Right now my primary focus is going to be on academic achievement for all kids, special needs all the way up to gifted and talented.  We certainly, with budget constraints, we need to look at competitive salary and benefit packages for teachers.  We need to look at building modifications and things like that so we’ll be working with the other four board members to prioritize our needs going into next budget season,” he said.

Riddick, who decided to wait for the results from her home, was disappointed, yet optimistic about the loss.

“Of course I’m upset, I ran for a reason, but I have no doubt that Kevin will continue to be a great asset to the school system. I know that he’s been on the board for several years, and he’s proved that he has the experience, and ... has the heart in the right place.  So I’m happy for him and I wish him the best of luck,” Riddick said.

Despite her congratulations toward Foster, Riddick still has expectations for the future of the School Board.

“I’d like to see them focus on what their oath is. Their oath is ... to enforce the policy. That’s what I’d like to see them do. I’d like to see them stay out of the day-to-day operations and to enforce the policy which they were elected to do,” she said.

Riddick said that she probably won’t be running again once the next position is up for election.

“I don’t think [this year] would stop me [from running again].  There’s other reasons that would stop me from running again, not that it was a bad race at all, but this was a time in my life that I was able to be available to do such a thing. And I think two years from now when the election is not my priority I’m going to be raising my own family,” Riddick said.

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