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Hopewell Marina work nearly done
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Dec 2, 2013, 15:15

CAITLIN DAVIS/HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT Boats are shown docked at the Hopewell Marina earlier this year.

HOPEWELL — Renovations at the Hopewell Marina should be completed with the start of the new year. Construction began down by the water in January of this year and due to contract changes, changes to some of the construction plans, and the weather, the timeline for the project has changed quite a bit. Soon though, residents of Hopewell and beyond, will see a new face on the marina. 

In September of 2012, council approved the $1.5 million project for renovations at the marina. J.W. Enochs, of Enochs and Enochs, was the only bid on the project. Councilors Jackie Shornak, Roosevelt Edwards and Brenda Pelham voted against entering into the contract. 

“A lot of people in Hopewell don’t have boats,” Edwards said back in September. “They have land and homes. I think with patience things will run more smoothly. ... We just need to evaluate all costs at this point.” 

Once the contract was approved for Enochs, the project began at the start of 2013. A new roof has been put on the shed, a ship store has been built, which will house showers, bathrooms and items for boaters as well as the dockmaster’s office. 

Enochs said there has never been a ship store at the property before, just a trailer for an office. 

The parking lot has been re-paved and re-striped, as well as parking spaces added, such as handicapped parking, and a drainage problem corrected. A new concrete boat ramp has been added and bulkheads are being put in as well. A new dock is also being completed as well as a concrete bandstand, which will be used for awards presentations. 

Enochs said in 2012 the city also had the marina dredged and the depth at the marina changed to five feet. He also estimated that all the renovations currently being done at the marina is the largest project there since 1949, when the marina was built in the city. 

“I have just been thrilled to be able to do it, being in my hometown and knowing what it means to the town,” Enochs said. “It’s been a great experience for me. I’ve really enjoyed it.” 

As the months pass by, Councilor Wayne Walton has been watching the renovations at the marina, overseeing it for the city, which has owned the marina since the 1990s. It was previously owned by the Hopewell Yacht Club. 

Walton said with the contract changes and changes with the construction plans, he foresees the project wrapping up at the end of the year, which will also coincide with the Beacon Theatre opening.

One of the contract changes was in September of this year. A five percent contingency had to be added to the contract, totaling $71,866. This was needed to fix some problems that had presented themselves during the renovations. During a meeting in September, council voted to approve the contingency to the contract. 
CAITLIN DAVIS/HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT Work progresses on the Hopewell Marina earlier this year.

Jo Turek, director for Hopewell Recreation and Parks, told council back in September, the contingency allowed for the problems at the marina to be corrected. 

“If there’s other small things, we can move forward and get that done,” Turek said to council in September of having the contingency. 

One problem that had come up during the renovations were the showers at the ship store. Once the construction was done, Turek said they were not considered compliant with the American with Disabilities Act. She also added the drain system needed to be repaired as well. Turek said this would allow for easier maintenance for the staff. 

The boat ramp that was constructed also sustained some cracks that needed to be fixed. 

In addition to contract changes, Walton said work could not be done in the water between February 15 and June 15. He said there is a moratorium due the spawning season of some of fish, such as herring. Walton said this caused a delay in the construction process. 

Though the construction process has taken longer than expected, Walton said the delay has allowed for problems to be caught and fixed before the Marina opens. Right now, Walton said the only delay that remains in completing the remaining renovations is the impending winter weather. 

“Hopefully people will really like it,” Walton said. “... It is well used and people like what they see so far.” 

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