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Bond set for man charged with trying to kill police
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Dec 10, 2013, 16:21


HOPEWELL — The man shot by Hopewell officers after police say he rammed his truck into cruisers Oct. 13 was granted bond in court on Tuesday, despite statements from police that he threatened to get revenge. 

Jonathan Landon, 31, of Hopewell, was granted $100,000 bond in Hopewell court on Tuesday by Judge Bruce Clark. Landon is facing two charges of attempted capital murder of a law enforcement official, a Class 2 felony, which is punishable by 20 years to life in prison, resisting arrest, destruction of property and hit and run. 

There were several conditions listed on the bond agreement Landon must abide by should he post bond. He must submit to random testing for drugs and alcohol, refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol consumption, refrain from possessing firearms, destructive devices, or dangerous weapons, surrender his driver’s license and work 40 hours a week. 

Landon must also keep a curfew of returning home a half an hour after leaving work and he must reside at the address he provided to the courts, which is located in Prince George. 

As of press time there has been no confirmation if Landon has posted bond and has been released. Typically, if a bail bondsman is used, the defendant would only have to come up with one-tenth of the total bond amount to be released.

At 5 p.m. Oct. 13, officers responded to the City Point area for a report of a vehicle that crashed into a building and left the area. Officers located the vehicle in the 400 block of Appomattox Street.

Police say the driver tried to elude officers in his truck and intentionally crashed head-on into a police vehicle. Police say the driver then tried to run over a second officer and then crashed into a third officer’s vehicle.

The pursuit left the City of Hopewell and ended in Chesterfield near Route 10 and Kingston Road, just west of Interstate 295. Three officers sustained minor injuries, and they were treated and released from John Randolph Medical Center.

“I am glad the officers all checked out OK,” Hopewell Police Chief John Keohane said in the morning following the incident. 

During the event, officers fired their weapons at Landon. The discharge of weapons only occurred in the city of Hopewell; no weapons were discharged outside the city, as confirmed by Keohane.

Landon was transported to Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center with a single gunshot wound to the arm. His injuries were not life threatening.

In a letter from Landon’s attorney, K. Scott Miles, to the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in Hopewell, there were additional details provided on the events that unfolded. 

One statement reads that an officer pursued Landon as he drove out of Hopewell. Once Landon got out of his truck on Route 10, the officer commanded him to get on the ground. Landon resisted and told the officer he would [explicative] kill him. 

The other statement reads that an officer also pursued Landon out of Hopewell. When Landon was finally stopped and got out of his truck, he was yelling “[explicative] you, Hopewell police,” and was walking around with his middle finger pointing at the officers. 

One of the officers asked Landon to calm down and asked him what was wrong with him. Landon told the officer, “I’m crazy.” He also asked Landon how many times he had been shot, to which he said he had been shot once. The statement also reads that Landon told the officers that when he was released from jail he was “going to come back to Hopewell and get those [explicative].” 

Also in the court records was a hand written note that said the defendant, Landon, was “very disrespectful” during the entire bail hearing and there was a “gratuitous use of profanity.”

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