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Hopewell re-bids contract to run Marina
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Dec 23, 2013, 10:49

HOPEWELL — With the weeks dwindling down until the $1.5 million of renovations are set to be completed at the Hopewell Marina, the contract to run the Marina has been re-written and now sent out to get a rebid. 

At the Hopewell City Council meeting on Dec. 10 council voted 6 to 1 to send out the marina contract to be re-bid, with Councilor Christina Luman-Bailey voting against the motion. Councilor Wayne Walton said the contract needed more specificity before a contract could be awarded. 

The Request for Proposal for the Marina now states the management is limited to the east side, which includes the parking lot, ship store and boat slips. The RFP includes a list of maintenance that is required on the east side of the Marina. 

Maintenance of grass and grounds, maintenance of wooden deck, vehicle parking, maintenance of building and covered deck, rent - to be paid monthly with the option of minimum 5 percent increase and maintenance of outside equipment are just some of the specifications listed in the RFP. 

At the Marina, there are 44 boat slips, with 30 being covered and 14 that are open, a ship store, 41 parking spaces for vehicles and 66 parking spaces for trailers. The Marina is currently being managed by the Hopewell Recreation and Parks Department and there are three staff members managing the Marina, a supervisor, an attendant and a part-time maintenance specialist.  

According to the Hopewell city attorney’s office, the RFP was sent out to include more specific information and more detail about what the city would to accomplish with the Marina. The office also stated the new RFP provides more guidance to those who are submitting proposals. 

Mayor Mike Bujakowski said re-bidding the Marina contract was the right thing for city to do. He said the new contract ties up any “loose ends” that could have been left open by the first RFP. Bujakowski also clarified the re-bidding of the new Marina RFP will not impact the ongoing construction. 

Currently, the renovations are being wrapped up at the Marina. The renovations are being completed by Enochs and Enochs. A new roof has been put on the shed, a ship store has been built, which will house showers, bathrooms and items for boaters as well as the dockmaster’s office. 

The parking lot has been re-paved and re-striped, as well as parking spaces added, such as handicapped parking, and a drainage problem corrected. A new concrete boat ramp has been added and bulkheads are being put in as well. A new dock is also being completed as well as a concrete bandstand, which will be used for awards presentations. 

“The Marina is nearing completion and I’m anxious for someone to run this on behalf of our residents,” Bujakowski said. He also indicated that if the contract is not bid by the deadline, which according to the RFP is Jan. 14, 2014, by 11 a.m., the city will have to take over operations. 

“Our talent is put to better use running the city. Historically we have not been successful with that,” Bujakowski said. “Having someone do it for us will be the best option.” 

The Marina has been under maintenance of the city since the 1990s and it was previously owned by the Hopewell Yacht Club. 

“I am disappointed we didn’t finish the first bid,” Walton said. “But we want it to be right even if we have to bid again. Whether we like it or not, it’s best if we just go ahead and bid it again.” 

Walton, who made the indication at the council meeting to be more specific in the contract, said another reason for the further specifics in the RFP is the interest in two different sides of the Marina, the east and the west, which is defined as the Riverside Harbor Park. 

Bujakowski said he is unsure of what will come out of re-bidding the Marina, such as whether the same parties that bid on the first contract will come out and bid again on the redefined contract. 

“Other bidders are certainly more than welcome to re-bid,” Bujakowski said. “I don’t know if it will be someone who originally came forward or someone new to the process. I don’t know what to expect.” 

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