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Still seeking justice
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Jan 9, 2014, 15:40

JAMES PEACEMAKER JR./HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT Lee Tasco, mother of Emil Crenshaw, holds a candle during a vigil Tuesday evening where he was gunnned down two years ago in Hopewell.

HOPEWELL — Lee Tasco recalled the last time she saw her son alive.

“It was 15 minutes before he was killed that I dropped him off. It was the last place I saw him alive and the first place I saw him dead, right here at this apartment building,” she said. 

Tasco, Emil Crenshaw’s mother, stood at the boarded up apartments at 600 E. Broadway, wrapped in her son’s coat. She was there, along with other family and friends, to light a candle, release some balloons and say a prayer in her son’s name. 

Two years ago, Emil was gunned down right outside the once-occupied apartments. On Jan. 2, 2012, Hopewell police responded to the apartments for reports of shots fired. Emil was found, unresponsive with a large caliber gunshot wound to his chest. 

On Tuesday, the family and friends who Emil left behind stood holding candles, huddled together in the cold and said a prayer for the son, father and brother they lost two years ago. The vigil was held on his son Brandon’s second birthday, the son he never met, the son that was born five days after he died. 

Kevin Crenshaw, 27, Emil’s older brother, said the prayer for the vigil. With heads bowed he said he knew his brother, who many called “Easy” was watching over the family. 

“Easy, I know you’re up there watching over us,” Kevin said. “Help to guide us day by day to make  the right decisions, the right choices. Help us to keep our heads up and keep the faith.” 

Kevin’s prayer also had words of determination and passion. He vowed that whoever was responsible for his little brother’s death would be found and the case would never turn cold. 

In a statement from the Hopewell police, it reads that the department is working on “viable leads” in the case but are still seeking the public’s help in making an arrest. 

For Emil’s mother, she will not have peace in her life until she is given answers as to why someone would want to kill her son. Tasco said for anyone that knew him, they would not have any desire to hurt him, a man she called “a sweetheart.” 

“He touched a lot of people. He was the rock of our family,” Tasco said. “It’s sad because I could sit here and tell you that Emil didn’t bother anybody. Never one time did I have to go to the courthouse for him. ... He was just a sweet person.” 

Emil’s brother, Kevin is also searching for answers. He wants justice for his little brother. His tone carries weight of anger as he speaks about the unsolved case. 
JAMES PEACEMAKER JR./HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday evening where Emil Crenshaw was gunnned down two years ago in Hopewell.

“Don’t be afraid to step up and say something,” Kevin tells those who might be responsible for his brother’s death. “It’s been two years with no answers. What happened to my brother, he truly didn’t deserve that and anybody that liked Easy and anybody that dealt with him, anybody that knew him knew he didn’t deserve that. So I don’t know why people are scared to open their mouth and say something. Somebody saw something. I don’t care what anybody says. Somebody saw something.” 

Despite the anger that overtook Emil’s mother and his brother, love still surrounded the family at the vigil. After the prayer and shouts of “Happy birthday” to Emil’s son, Brandon, his family and friends shouted “Easy” and released half a dozen white balloons into the air. As the balloons floated away, dancing in the air, those in the crowd raised their faces to the sky and gave love to the one they lost two years ago. 

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