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Millwood Shoots Past Prince George
By Ryan Lazo, sports editor
Jan 18, 2014, 21:49

Ryan Lazo/Hopewell News/News-Patriot
ETTRICK Late in the second-quarter, Prince George's players glanced up at the scoreboard during a timeout and saw a 16-point deficit staring right back at them. With just 1:26 remaining in the half, the Royals knew they needed to make a run to gain critical momentum before heading toward the locker room.

Less than 15 seconds later, Prince George showed the type of talent they have lining their roster as Corey Hill rose and fired a 3-pointer which went straight threw nylon while being fouled for three of his 12 points on the night. Although, Hill would miss his free-throw attempt, it helped awaken the slumbering Royals' offense.

Senior captain Cedric Wright knew the how dire the situation was and outmuscled the taller Millwood post players for the offensive board off of Hill's missed shot before laying it in. After a made free throw by the Bobcats' Wesley Hardaway, Savonte Chappell answered with a lay-up the other way to extend the Royals' 7-1 run, cutting the lead to just 10 points.

One defensive stop and the Royals would end the half on a high-note, but Millwood's Jordan Cross nailed a 3-pointer as time expired, foreshadowing the type of the day it would become for Prince George in a 86-56 loss at Daniel Gymnasium as part of the Lawson Classic.

"I don't know what level those guys are, but they can shoot lights out, I can tell you that," Prince George head coach Travis Carr said after his team allowed a season-high in points allowed. "We were doing everything we could to get a hand in their face, two hands in their face, and what they threw up was going in."

And Carr's remarks were not an exaggeration.

In the first half alone, Millwood (14-5) connected on eight 3-pointers, many of which came on contested shots and well behind the 3-point line. While the Bobcats didn't enter the game shooting a high percentage from beyond the arc just 34 percent on the season they connected on 12-of-26 treys for 46 percent against the Royals (4-11).

The Bobcats' Jordan Cross tallied a season-high of 27 points while Charles Williams dropped in 20 points of his own which was topped off by the 6-foot-7 Jermaine Matthews' 14 points in the low-post.

Each player provided the Royals a different defensive challenge, prompting multiple defensive looks, but each were ineffective in the 30-point loss also a Prince George season-high for largest margin of defeat this season.

"We tried many different defenses tonight: man-to-man, zone and they were making us chase them," Carr said. "We were doing everything we could for 20 or 30 seconds and they throw something up and it goes in. All of a sudden the wind comes out of you."

But while the Royals' players may have been dejected, they were within striking distance throughout a competitive first half of basketball.
Ryan Lazo/Hopewell News/News-Patriot

Against the bigger Millwood front-court, Chappell did not back down. The Royals' 6-foot-5 forward used his physicality to score with relative ease when he was able to receive touches, tallying 10 of his team-high 14 points in the first 16 minutes.

In addition, every one of Wright's 6 points on the night all coming in the first-half were of the clutch variety, ending a 6-0 and 5-0 Millwood runs before extending a Royals' run with his last bucket of the night.

"We've got some good shooters on our team, but I can't wait for the night we throw shots up and everything goes in," Carr said with a laugh.

Unfortunately for Prince George, the third-quarter represented a barren wasteland where shots were not meant to fall. The Royals scored just 10 points in the frame while Millwood went on 18-0 during a 3:28 span.

However, even though the loss was Prince George's second in three games, there were bright spots to be had. John Sally played much of the fourth quarter and showed promise around the basket as he dropped in 6 points while Chazz Jenkins displayed his athleticism with an athletic move to finish off an and-1.
Ryan Lazo/Hopewell News/News-Patriot

It's enough for the Prince George players and coaching staff to harp on in the coming weeks as the team readies itself for Conference 12 Tournament action. Championships are not handed to teams early in the season but in mid-February when the stakes are high.

"It's only going to take two wins in the conference tournament to make regionals," Carr explained. "Our record right now is thrown out. We know we are not a 4-11 team. We'll let our play do the talking here in a few weeks."

Prince George has just seven games remaining to work out the kinks and turn their season around before one loss in the conference tournament could mean the end of their once promising 2014 campaign.

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