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Three charged in graffiti spree
By James Peacemaker Jr. Managing Editor
Jan 24, 2014, 11:04

JAMES PEACEMAKER JR./HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT “SKAM” is spray-painted on the side of Carquest Auto Part in the Pickwick Square shopping center in Colonial Heights.

COLONIAL HEIGHTS — Three men accused of spray painting graffiti on businesses were literally caught red-handed, with spray paint on the hands, police said.

Brandon Corey Reed, 18, of Colonial Heights, Michael Ryder James, 18, of Colonial Heights, and Jessie W. Dillon, 31, who is homeless, have been charged with 15, 4, and 17 counts respectively of misdemeanor destruction of property.

Two of the suspects were charged Friday, Jan. 10, and the third was charged the following day.

Sgt. Rob Ruxer, spokesman for the Colonial Heights Police Department, said the three tagged the nicknames Scam, Cave and Freak on numerous buildings on the southern end of the Boulevard and around the Pickwick Avenue area. Some city signs were also marked.

Numerous tags were still visible Thursday afternoon on some buildings while others had rectangular blocks of fresh paint to cover them.

Police say the three were caught after they were spotted spray painting a business on the Boulevard. The markings have been showing up since December, police said.

Reed and James are being held at Riverside Regional Jail while Dillon has been released on bond.

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