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72-year-old who killed husband, son gets 5 years
By Blake Belden, Staff Writer
Feb 3, 2014, 12:18


CHESTERFIELD — A Chesterfield woman who killed her husband and mentally disabled son was sentenced to five years of active imprisonment in Chesterfield Circuit Court.

Estelle Jones, 72, pleaded guilty in November 2012 to the second degree murder of her husband, Joseph Edward Jones, and the first degree murder of her son, Perry Edward Jones, 51.

Judge T.J. Hader sentenced Estelle on January 16 to a total of 50 years for both charges, with 24 years suspended and a stay of execution on 21 years of her active sentence, according to court records.

On the evening of the incident in April 2012, Estelle said she shot Joseph, her husband of more than 50 years, several times after he began verbally abusing her, according to court records.

After concluding that her incarceration would leave Perry without anyone to properly care for him, Estelle said she covered his face with a towel and choked him to death with a belt, before she kissed him goodbye and promptly called the police confessing to what she had done, according to court documents.

A psychiatric evaluation of Estelle reported that Perry was diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder which rendered his mental age to be around three years.

Estelle was the sole caregiver to Perry, her first born son of three, who could not speak and could only communicate his needs to his mother, according to court records.

Estelle, born in Chesterfield, described decades of domestic abuse from her husband of more than 50 years, Joseph Edward Jones, during which he would exhibit violent rages spurred by alcohol, many times putting a pistol to her head.  Joseph previously faced three assault charges, and one of Estelle’s other sons said that Joseph had been incarcerated for domestic assault multiple times, according to court documents.

Estelle said that if Joseph had control of the gun on the night of the murder, he would have done the same to her, and that before she killed him, he said “I could have done better marrying someone else,” according to court records.

A psychiatric evaluation found that Estelle was “significantly depressed” and demonstrated signs of paranoia and delusional behavior, according to court records.

Estelle had no criminal history prior to these charges, according to court documents.

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