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Fuel for the fight
By Blake Belden, Staff Writer
Feb 6, 2014, 11:57

20 pounds of lasagna were served on Wednesday night to hundreds of people who attended a rally in D.C.
Five councils of the Knights of Columbus from the Tri-City area joined together to provide dinner for 240 youth students from the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi in Mississippi on Wednesday night.
Along with more than 20 chaperones, the youth were returning by bus on a road trip from Washington, D.C., where they participated in the March for Life, a pro-life rally that coincides with the anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision on Jan. 22.
On the way back to Mississippi, they stopped at the St. John Nepomucene Church in Petersburg for a lasagna dinner following a mass service at St. Joseph Parish led by Father Brian Capuano.
Michael  Schofield, with the Petersburg Council 694, helped prepare the event and said that he started making lasagna at 6 a.m. to have enough time to cook 20 pounds by 8 p.m.
In addition to the lasagna, several other items were served including salads, rolls, hot chocolate, iced tea, lemonade and Oreo cookies for dessert.
This is now the second year in a row that members, 39 this year, from the area Knights of Columbus councils have provided dinner for the Diocese of Biloxi, including the Petersburg Council 694, the John J. Massey Council 4568 in Hopewell, the St. Ann's Council 6372 in Colonial Heights, the Fr. Jan Konicek Council 14511 in Prince George and the recently established St. Martin of Tours Council 15794 in Fort Lee.
Steve Carozza and John Blaha of the Petersburg Council 694 helps dish out lasagna.
"Our faith follows what they're doing for the March For Life," Schofield explained as to why it is important for them to provide this service.
Mark Moore, with the Colonial Heights council, said that he brought the idea to everybody's attention as the March for Life rally approached, remembering last year's efforts and that everyone readily supported the idea of doing it again.
The buses were expected to be back in Biloxi by noon on Thursday, the final destination of an overnight 19.5-hour drive straight from Washington, D.C.

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