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PG holds off on stormwater fee
By Blake Belden, Staff Writer
Feb 10, 2014, 13:00

PRINCE GEORGE — The Prince George Board of Supervisors has decided to wait until after the Virginia General Assembly concludes their session in March to make any final decisions regarding the implementation of a stormwater utility fee, a proposed regulation that has drawn the scorn of many county residents over the past few months.

During a board meeting on Tuesday evening, chairman Bill Robertson recommended that a vote on the fee be tabled until March 25 in case any new legislation gets passed that would return stormwater management responsibilities to the state or changes the current mandate in any way.

Among proposed legislation is House Bill 1173, a bill that would render stormwater management programs optional for certain localities.

“This board does not want to be in this [situation],” Robertson said in regards to implementing a county wide mandatory fee, before emphasizing the fact that the state has required that localities implement their own stormwater management programs independent from any state funding, thus an annual fee would provide a revenue source for required stormwater services.

Given there are no changes to the state mandates, Prince George staff has most recently proposed an ordinance establishing an annual stormwater utility charge of $50 for all developed residential parcels and an annual charge of $300 for all developed commercial/industrial parcels.

The proposed fee would be split into payments to be paid in conjunction with real estate tax payments on June 5 and Dec. 5. 

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