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Hopewell stands up against bullying
By Blake Belden, Staff Writer
Feb 10, 2014, 13:16

BLAKE BELDEN/HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT Carter G. Woodson Middle School students demonstrated what cyber bullying is at bullying forum on Thursday.

HOPEWELL — Carter G. Woodson Middle School hosted a forum designed to help raise awareness among families about the signs and dangers of bullying, and how to stop it when it becomes an issue.

During the forum, students from Carter G. Woodson acted out the six different forms of bullying (physical, verbal, cyber, emotional, reactive and sexual or empowering) through various improvised skits as a way to help identify the different forms.

Hopewell superintendent John Fahey said that it requires both help from kids and parents to help identify bullying within the school systems.

“Nothing bothers me more than for someone else to hurt another student,” Fahey said.

Bobbi Peck, guidance chairperson at Carter G. Woodson, said that many kids consider suicide as an only escape from constant bullying and that parents who think their kids might be bullying other students at school should contact a guidance counselor immediately so the situation can be handled in a swift and appropriate matter.

Anessa Jones, guidance counselor at Harry E. James Elementary who helped organize the forum, urged kids to stand up for themselves and for parents to reinforce the idea that kids should feel confident enough to stand up for themselves.

The forum was scheduled in conjunction with Bully Prevention Month, which was January, however it was pushed back due to recent school closures due to snow.

Anybody interested in learning more about how to notice and handle scenarios of bullying is encouraged to contact a local guidance counselor or visit any number of online resources including, Jones said.

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