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Food service company to close, sell plant in PG
By Blake Belden, Staff Writer
Mar 19, 2014, 14:03

PRINCE GEORGE — A food service distributor that will lay off almost 50 employees by the end of April is shutting down its operations at a facility in Prince George and relocating to a new facility in Manassas, according to Reinhart Foodservice LLC.

Reinhart Foodservice, located at 8205 Quality Drive in the South Point Business Park, will displace 46 workers by April 29 because they are terminating their local operations to be better geographically situated 100 miles closer to their core delivery market, as stated in a press release.

“I don’t believe at this point there’s really anything that can be done to keep the business here.  They have done all their studies and their market analysis and they feel like their market is further up north than it is down here,” said Prince George County Administrator Percy Ashcraft.

As a part of the Reyes Holding Company, Reinhart serves 76,000 customers from 31 regional distribution centers in the eastern half of the United States through the delivery of food products, equipment, chemicals and all other supplies related to the foodservice industry, according to Reyes Holding.

The Prince George facility will still employ drivers to deliver Reinhart’s services, and some of the non-driver employees will continue to pursue positions at the Manassas facility, with outplacement services being offered for any displaced employees, according to Reinhart.

“Reinhart Foodservice has contracted with Accel Talent & Development Group, a Prince George County business owned by Pamela Allen, to provide outplacement services and resume building training,” according to a press release from the Prince George County government.

Ashcraft said Prince George also wants to offer any assistance for those displaced workers having difficulty transitioning to another job in the county.

“There’s about 10 of them that come directly from Prince George, so we want to try and get them back in the workplace as quickly as possible,” Ashcraft said.

Reinhart Foodservice came to Prince George in 2005 at one point employing more than 100 people in its 143,904-square-foot facility, which will now be put up for sale along with 13.4 acres of land once the final shutdown of the facility is complete, according to a statement released by Prince George County.

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