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United Way raises nearly a quarter of a million dollars for charities
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Mar 22, 2014, 16:06

HOPEWELL — At the 70th Annual United Way meeting, many businesses and individuals were recognized for their contributions throughout the year. Over the course of the year, the United Way raised a total of $243,682.03 with many businesses contributing over their totals for the previous year.

“We believe that everyone has a role in building a better future for all, and we invite all our residents to help us shape community-wide change,” Bob Birch, former President of the United Way, stated in a letter. “Our partners and community volunteers have answered our call to give, advocate and volunteer. We are inspired by their participation and will continue to tackle the underlying causes of complex problems across our community.”

Half of the campaign totals for the year came from the industries in the area, which amounted to $147,632, which was also up five percent from their contributions last year. The leading industry Rock Tenn contributed $22,537, with a company match of $11,268.

The Hopewell Cogeneration Facility contributed over 68 percent of their campaign goal and came in at a 62 percent increase over their total from last year.

James River GENCO not only met their campaign goal but out of all their employees, 95 percent participated in the United Way campaign.

“Our campaign again raised much needed funds for non-profit agencies who touch a very diverse community population,” Bill Gandel, Chairman for the Prince George area and Becky McDonough, Chairman for the Hopewell area, stated in a letter. “Locally, our United Way is known for keeping the message of caring through giving in front of employers who then give their employees an opportunity to donate.”

As the awards wrapped up and congratulations were given all around, Linda Forehand took the helm as the new president of the Hopewell-Prince George United Way. She gave thanks to those who had donated over the past year, acknowledging it can be difficult with each passing year.

“It’s amazing how well you all have done particularly with the economy,” Forehand said to those in attendance. “…I look forward to the upcoming year.”

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