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Woman helps neighbor in fire
By Becky Robinette Wright, Correspondent
May 27, 2014, 15:07

BECKY ROBINETTE WRIGHT/CORRESPONDENT Amy Selph stands in front of Ettrick Matoaca Volunteer Rescue Squad. She helped save her neighbor in a fire on Saturday.
CHESTERFIELD — A senior citizen who resides in Ettrick, in the River Terrace apartment complex, is recovering from what could have been a life-ending experience, when fire ripped through her apartment in the 20840 block of River Terrace Road on Saturday. Thankfully for a brave and quick thinking neighbor named Amy Selph, the senior lady survived and although was transported to a local hospital with smoke inhalation, is expected to be OK.

It all began around 7:30 p.m.

“I smelled smoke and looked outside and saw smoke coming from an apartment,” said Amy Selph. “My mom called 911 and I ran to the apartment.”

Selph didn’t realize how bad the danger was until she arrived at the apartment door.

“The apartment door was open,” Selph said. “I could flames and heavy smoke. There was my neighbor with jugs of water trying to put out the fire.”

“I took my neighbor by the arm and led her out. She didn’t want to come out,” Selph said. “I was taught to always to do for others and I had to help.”

Selph said that after she led her neighbor out, a police officer arrived at the apartment, then fire trucks began arriving.

Medics then went to work providing aid to the resident.

Her eyebrows were burned, and she was covered with soot, Selph said.

Since the neighbor only had a shirt and underclothes on, Selph’s mom went to her own residence across the street and donated some of her own pants for her neighbor.

And how long have the ladies known each other? They hadn’t met before the fire. Selph risked her life for a stranger.

Fire crews from Ettrick, Matoaca, Phillips and Dutch Gap fire stations responded, along with Ettrick-Matoaca Volunteer Rescue Squad, several battalion chiefs and county police.

The resident’s name has not been released and Selph didn’t share it to protect the neighbor’s privacy.

Fire officials said the fire is believed to have been started by a candle falling on a bed.

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