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'Medical mall' opens
By Blake Belden, staff writer
Jun 10, 2014, 14:42

BLAKE BELDEN/HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT The lobby at the new facility offers a contemporary and comforting atmosphere.
COLONIAL HEIGHTS — Colonial Orthopaedics is officially operating out of a brand new 25,000-square foot medical facility directly across the street from its old location in Colonial Heights. The new center offers the availability for additional space, staff, equipment and services.

As the population of Colonial Heights and neighboring localities has received an influx over the past several years, in addition to the expansion of Fort Lee, Colonial Orthopaedics developed a need to expand along with a growing consumer market.

Located at 325 Charles Dimmock Parkway on the property of the former Chevrolet dealership, Colonial Orthopaedics opened for the first time in the new facility on May 27 following a period of more than two years of development.

John Wiseman, CEO of Metis Medical Management and serving CEO for Colonial Orthopaedics, said the new location not only gives the facility a fresh, welcoming look with increased space and service, but is also the beginning step in a plan to turn the entire 68,000-square foot building into a “medical mall,” comprised of multiple medical practices operating out of the same complex.

Metis provides back office medical management and business strategies for medical practices.

Along with Colonial Orthopaedics, Yu Pediatrics and Dr. Dave, a family medicine physician, are two other medical practices that are currently hosted in the facility, with seven suites remaining for potential newcomers, Wiseman said.

“The thrust of the building is to facilitate growth of the [Colonial Orthopaedics] practice and bring on new providers. But the medical destination concept as a whole is really something that is exciting for the community itself,” Wiseman said.

The limited space in the old Colonial Orthopaedics facility created roadblocks for offering services comparable to consumer demand, however this will not be an issue with the new location.

“It’s allowing us to continue our recruitment effort, which was previously bottlenecked. The community can support more physicians and we’re actively trying to recruit those physicians,” Wiseman said.

There are currently 10 board-certified physicians employed at the Colonial Heights facility.

Dr. Sharad Saraiya, the president of Colonial Orthopaedics, said that the new facility was a “necessary expansion” for a center that has been committed to the community for 33 years.

“Our kids go to school here. We live here,” Saraiya said.

Saraiya reiterated his dedication when he said that he had 52 appointments on Thursday, and that his schedule is flexible to fit the needs of his patients.

“I want to give time for my patients. It does not matter,” Saraiya said of how long it may take to see all of his patients.

Colonial Orthopaedics receives client traffic from the surrounding region, where Saraiya said that he sees football players from many surrounding teams (including the Richmond Raiders), and that some of his patients come from Ashland and Emporia.

Barbara Stone, Colonial Orthopaedics practice administrator, sitting with president Dr. Sharad Saraiya.
In addition to making time for patients, Saraiya also said that the facility strives to turn away as few people as possible.

“We accept nearly all insurance, if not all,” Saraiya said.

Colonial Orthopaedics offers an extensive array of services beyond just orthopaedic care, including podiatry, hand therapy, spine and pain management, physiatry, general therapy, and occupational therapy.

Alayne Schweitzer, the director of therapy services at Colonial Orthopaedics who started the therapy department years ago, said that they focus on providing hands-on treatment to meet the specific needs of every patient’s individual lifestyle, and figuring out how they can most effectively fit certain therapy into patients’ normal daily schedules.

In addition to this particularized method of rehabilitation, Schweitzer said there are now currently seven therapists that can assist people with all types of different needs.

“We can treat very high level athletes to your 93-year-old great grandmother on a walker,” Schweitzer said.

The new facility has a large increase in space, and higher ceilings, which opens up more opportunities for jump training and therapy.

Schweitzer said that one of the biggest benefits of the Colonial Orthopaedics facility is the convenience of communicating with doctors in the building at any point during the day, where in many therapy centers there are not doctors on site to answer certain questions.

Chris Galiffa, the marketing director for Metis, said that he has been responsible for rebranding the facility, along with a new logo to create a “contemporary, fresh, simplistic and clean” atmosphere.

Wiseman commended the rebranding efforts, and said that the building does not have a typical medical feel to it.

“The building does not look clinical. It’s modern, but it’s natural materials inside. It’s got a homey feel. People that often come here are stressed or often injured or in pain. ... It’s not meant to make you feel like you’re in a very sterile environment, as a hospital. It’s meant to be soothing,” Wiseman said.

The facility has a lot of updated technology including a new digital x-ray machine.

There is also office space included in the building to allow for Metis employees to work on site and provide quick, easy assistance for the operations of the medical facility, including IT services for more than 100 computers that are on site.

“The majority of practices don’t have full service support,” Galiffa said, emphasizing the unique opportunity of having this on-site assistance.

Colonial Orthopaedics is planning multiple events in the coming months including a July 4 community day and an open house in August.

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