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New school board member appointed
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Jun 13, 2014, 11:33

HOPEWELL — Beginning in July, the School Board will see the return of a familiar face, the loss of one board member and a new member. At the City Council meeting Tuesday evening, councilors unanimously approved the reappointment of Dr. Deborah Marks and the appointment of Linda Hyslop. 

Both Marks and Hyslop will serve on the Hopewell City Public School Board until June of 2017. For Hyslop, it will be a return to education. She said after graduating college, she had only one interview, a teaching position with Woodlawn Elementary School. 

That teaching position started her on a path that would have her serving as an assistant principal, principal, director of personnel and end with her serving as the assistant superintendent for instruction — a path of more than 30 years with Hopewell City schools. 

“I am very appreciative of the City Council appointing me to the School Board,” Hyslop said. “I have spent much of my life and all of my career mostly with Hopewell schools.” 

With the addition of one new member, there will be a loss of another. Larry Joyner will be stepping down as a board member, serving 11 years on the board, with eight years consecutively. 

“It’s been a good ride,” Joyner said. “I’ve had 11 years on the board. It’s time for someone else to come and take the reins.” 

As he recalls his time serving on the board, watching teachers and superintendents come and go, Joyner says he has served alongside some great leaders, including former Superintendents Ronald Caricofe and David Stuckwisch. 

“David was a great superintendent and I have a lot of real fond memories of Ron Caricofe,” Joyner said. “Ron did not talk an awful lot but Ron was a source of great influence to get people together. We worked together and there was never a problem. If it was a problem, we asked ourselves what is the best thing for the children.” 

Despite his fond memories, Joyner said it was time to step down as a board member. 

“I’m proud of my service to the board and I make no doubts about serving,” Joyner said. “I’ve served faithfully and I have good memories for it. It’s time for a future with fresh new minds and different ways to approach things. It’s time for a new paradigm.” 

As Mayor Mike Bujakowski appointed Hyslop and Marks to the board, he also extended his thanks to Joyner for his years of service. 

Hyslop will be taking the reins that have been left by Joyner and is ready to hold on tight. Hyslop, who is also the president of John Randolph Foundation, is focused on giving the youth of Hopewell a bright future. 

“We want to give the students, the young students in Hopewell hope to move forward to do whatever they want to do,” Hyslop said of the members of the John Randolph Foundation. “My hope is that they would wish to stay here in Hopewell and make it an outstanding city.” 

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