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Twitter user gives clues to find cash
By Blake Belden, staff writer
Jun 20, 2014, 10:54

COLONIAL HEIGHTS — An anonymous Twitter account is hiding cash-filled envelopes in remote locations in Colonial Heights and posting clues through social media for people to seek out the money.

HiddenCashVA, created less than a month ago, is based off of a similar social media adventure in Los Angeles that also hides cash in various locations for residents to find.

White, money-filled envelopes labeled with the account’s Twitter handle, @HiddenCash_CH, are secretly placed throughout Colonial Heights as a way to get residents actively involved in their community through a fun, recreational activity. 

The most recent envelope contained $100 in cash, and was found on Monday.

In the beginning of June, the account needed to have 50 followers before it would release a clue about the very first cash drop in the city.

Having reached this number by June 2, the first clue was revealed as follows: “Following this road to get to the cash will [have] you passing a building full of knowledge,” in reference to Tussing Elementary School on Brockwell Lane.

After several more clues were released periodically through Twitter, James Smith found the hidden envelope in the Fort Clifton Park ball field area on June 4.

HiddenCashVA now has more than 960 followers less than three weeks after it was created, and six giveaway envelopes have been found by the Colonial Heights community.

The anonymous responsibilities of the account were passed on to a different person on June 9, and HiddenCashVA left a message for all followers to “Remember to PAY-IT-FORWARD!” as a reminder to be charitable in the future.

When someone finds the hidden envelope, HiddenCashVA asks the person who found it to submit a photo of themselves holding the cash and envelope to Twitter.

In addition to Fort Clifton Park, envelopes have been hidden along the Appomattox River Trail System and around the old Richmond-Petersburg railroad crossing.

There is also another hidden cash Twitter account in Richmond, under the handle @HiddenRVACash, run by an anonymous retiree from the payday and title loan industry.

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