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Work gives hospital a new look
By Caitlin Davis, Senior Staff Writer
Jun 26, 2014, 13:53

JAMES PEACEMAKER JR./HOPEWELL NEWS/NEWS-PATRIOT Paving, landscaping and a new entrance were all part of the changes recently finished at John Randolph Medical Center.
HOPEWELL — Not only has John Randolph Medical Center gotten an improved entrance, but Hopewell itself has gotten an improved entranced as well.

With JRMC serving as one of the first things most people see as they come into the city on Route 10, the parking lot improvements, landscaping, trees and the changes to the exterior of the building are a noticeable change.

John Randolph Medical Center cut the ribbon on the new outpatient entrance to the hospital Wednesday morning. Under the warm Summer sun, city and state officials gathered to not only celebrate the new entrance but to celebrate the ongoing improvements to the hospital. 

Work has wrapped on the $1 million landscaping project at the hospital; the parking lot was resurfaced and a splash of color from flowers and trees were added. 

Suzanne Jackson, CEO of John Randolph, said the day was not only to celebrate the current upgrades but the past and future improvements at the hospital. 

“We’re also here to celebrate what it symbolizes,” Jackson said. “John Randolph has a long history of community involvement and high quality care and we are proud to partner with the Tri-City region and the city of Hopewell to do that.” 

Work to the hospital will continue around the perimeter of the building. The next project will be the emergency room entrance. A new MRI machine will be placed in the ER. In order for the machine to fit, Jackson said, an exterior wall needs to be taken down. 

In addition, there will also be software upgrades that will increase the capabilities of the MRI machine, Jackson said. The new ER entrance will also include a covered walkway. 

The projected timeline for the start of the project is the end of August, beginning of September. 

Another project for the hospital, which will be internal, will be the addition of a physician order entry system. The phone system for John Randolph will be upgraded as well, at a price tag of $1.5 million. 

Jackson also said at the end of the year, a project will begin on safety upgrades for the hospital. 

Though many projects have been planned, Jackson is still celebrating those projects that have already been completed. 

In early 2015, which will mark the 100th anniversary of John Randolph, the expanded behavioral health services will open at the new Wellness Pavilion, located adjacent to the hospital’s main campus.  

The $3.5 million project of the second floor of the building, will include an expansion of services and more beds, with the number going from 24 to 40 beds. 

With the ribbon cut on the project earlier this year and full services beginning in February, the pavilion offers programs for outpatient behavioral health services, partial hospitalization, which includes a four-hour-a-day program and a more intensive, six-hour-a-day program, as well as group therapy and one-on-one meetings with therapists and behavioral health specialists. 

Late last year, JRMC opened an infusion center as well as hospice services. 

“I’m even more excited about the year ahead of us,” Jackson said. “We’re going to be able to celebrate our past, our present, and our future.” 

Jackson said HCA Virginia is committed to helping John Randolph expand and continuing to offer high quality care to residents of the Tri-Cities and beyond. 

“It’s important for everyone to realize that the best healthcare is not in Richmond but it’s right here in your backyard,” Jackson said.

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