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Undermanned Pirates Fall To Post 201
By Blake Belden, staff writer
Jul 7, 2014, 08:17

Darius Gillus recorded three RBIs in the Pirates' loss last week.
After giving up four runs in the third inning, the Post 284 Pirates retaliated with a comeback punch only allowing one run through the next six innings, however pitching hurdles and a deteriorated starting lineup ultimately ended in a 4-6 loss against Post 201 Powhatan on Thursday night.

With CJ Henderson, Nathan Eaton and Collin Fleischer out of town and multiple other pitcher injuries, the Pirates resorted to an atypical roster on Thursday, including the use of Drew Sober as the starting pitcher.

Head coach Gilbert Baber estimated that Sober had pitched two innings throughout the season prior to the matchup.

Going into the third inning, the game was tied at 1-1, but a series of consecutive pitches quickly turned the game 5-1 in Powhatan's favor, with two runs given up by Sober and two more when Corey Johnston was substituted to the mound.

Facing a swift four run deficit in the third inning, the Pirates managed to lock in defensively, hold Post 201 to only one more run through the final six innings and remain in the game.

"We were still right there with them. We had a chance to win it at least," Baber said.

With the middle relief of pitcher Tommy Barron, a strong outfield core making big catches and powerful throws, and the closeout pitching of Joseph Petree, the Pirates had a sturdy foundation for a team that was missing many of its key elements.

This was the first time that Petree had pitched all season, and he didn't allow any runs through the final two innings, in addition to stealing a run for the Pirates off of a Powhatan error.

Baber said that they played very similarly on Thursday to their comeback win against Post 361 before that.

"That's exactly how we did it the other night against 361. They were up 5-0...we did the same thing. I put a better pitcher in, middle relief, they didn't score any more runs and we ended up winning 6-5 in ten [innings]," Baber said.

However, through four different pitchers, the Pirates forced just six strikeouts in Thursday's loss at Shepherd Stadium.

With a pitching crew that couldn't quite force the strikeouts, the Pirates needed to find more offensively, and they just couldn't seem to string several hits together to push guys to home plate.

Darius Gillius didn't have trouble doing so, with three RBIs through four at bats, sending each Corey Anderson, Tommy Barron and Corey Johnston sprinting in for a run. But the Pirates needed this from more batters.

Baber said that Gillius had a slow start to the season, but has proved to be warming up in his last few games.

"I think he's starting to see the ball a little bit more. The other night he hit the ball well too. I don't think he had the RBI results but he was getting on base by hitting it," Baber said.

But despite the overall loss, Baber was satisfied with the second string effort, a two run loss on the threshold of a comeback victory during several innings.

"I'm happy. I'm not happy we lost, but I think it was a pretty good effort," Baber said, emphasizing the fact that the team had played seven games in a nine day stretch.

The Pirates had two errors in the loss with nine hits, and Post 201 had three errors with nine hits.

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