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Royals Shortstop Tevin Tucker: Locked in
Jul 24, 2017, 08:16

Tevin Tucker stands next to his father Eric Tucker Sr.

Before, Tevin Tucker was on the manicured baseball diamond in Northern Virginia with the Prince George Royals on the cusp of a State Championship. The sun would set over the Virginia Commonwealth Baseball League Dinwiddie County Giants baseball field, and Tevin Tucker, a bat boy (6 or 7) would be with his father, Eric Tucker, Sr., DC Giants Assistant Coach, hitting ground balls as the crowd and teammates went home. It was an after game tradition; Eric Tucker did with every bat boy and his two sons.
Flash forward, Tevin Tucker started off his games with a ritual, blasting music in his ears, he prayed and he’s out; locked in as he puts it. At their State Championship game, the Royals formidable hitter and short stop got a hit off lights out pitcher for the Halifax Comets, Andrew Abbot.
He reached 1st base burglarized his way to 3rd base, the one Prince George player to reach the striking point of a run in the game.
A challenge the Royals player faced was letting mistakes go.
“When I struggle at plate I know I just have to let it go and make the next play,” said Tevin Tucker. “I give it 5 minutes then I let it go.”
For the 2017 season, the Royals Short Stop was All-Conference 1st team, 1st-team in 5A South and was nominated to the All-Metro Baseball Team. He left the Prince George Royals Baseball 2017 season with 3 doubles, 2 triples and 19 RBI’s. But it all started at the Dinwiddie Giants baseball field.
The Tucker family has a tradition of being involved with baseball; Tevin’s grandfather had a team. When Eric Tucker came down to see a VCBL game, he had to join.
This was in the heyday of the League when there were 12 teams competing in the league, it was the thing to do noted Eric Tucker, who was a utility player on the Dinwiddie Giants and eventually became Assistant Coach for the team.
When Tucker turned 15 he was put on the Dinwiddie Giants, a team with college players and adults. He became an asset to the team; the ace pitcher would ask when Tucker would be behind him as shortstop said Eric Tucker. On a run to a base to avoid a tag, Tucker didn’t dive forward; he dived to the right avoiding the tag and reached out for the base. The umpire asked Eric Tucker ‘how old is that kid’ recalled Tevin’s father.
“They weren’t skeptical after they saw him play,” said Eric Tucker. “He was very fluid; he didn’t play like a 15 year old.”
Tevin Tucker is still on the VCBL Dinwiddie Giants Team. He was nominated to play at the Virginia Commonwealth Games on the Central Region team, made up of high school players in the region. He is committed to West Virginia University, and will be going into the next season at Prince George High School as a senior. He is the player on the Giants that could be a Major League Baseball player in the future said Dinwiddie Giants Coach Shad Taylor. Tucker stays humble despite his accomplishments.
“I just go out and play the game,” said Tevin Tucker. “I am humble I have faith in God that he’s got a plan for me in this sport, I just play the game I love.”

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