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Dinwiddie County Giants Win Both Games in Doubleheader
Jul 24, 2017, 08:20

Charles Windfield fist bumps Carlos Cole in the aftermath of his home run.

From the speakers at the Virginia Commonwealth Baseball League Dinwiddie Giants home field rang with the song ‘Take me home, Country Roads’ by John Denver, when Charles Windfield was at bat. He did take them home, when he battered in the game shifting home run for the Dinwiddie Giants in their 2nd game against the Carson City Cardinals.
It was in the fourth hour of a sweltering double header that pitted the Dinwiddie Giants against the Carson City Cardinals on their home field and they needed motivation that came in the form of a Giants player comment to push his team through, “the liquor is cold and the fried chicken is still warm let’s get out of here.”
Like any double header it was a contest of who could keep the most fight. In their first game the Giants had it battering out a five run lead. But near the end of their first game, the Carson City Cardinals began to close the lead held by the Giants, after falling to a four point lead by the Giants.
“Wipe that smile off his face” shouted Cardinal’s Milton Reed from outside of the dugout, while the Cardinals were at bat.
Alan Smith came close to doing just that when he slammed the ball into right field, finding a hole in the Dinwiddie defense nailing down a triple against Giants pitcher Andre Moore. John Wilson hit a ground ball that skipped past the mound giving Smith his opening to home plate: making the score 5-2. But that hit took Wilson out on his run to 1st base. Out 1.
Giants pitcher Moore’s smile was there to stay when he struck out the next two Cardinals hitters ending the game for the visiting team 5 to 2.
The Cardinals were bucking at the gate for revenge at the start of their next game bringing up a three run lead in the first inning. Allardyce Johnson smashed a triple and was batted to home by John Wilson.
Cardinal’s pitcher Oliver Agee threw soft and that disrupted the Giants hitters putting them back into the outfield without a single run scored. “The pitcher is throwing soft, and it’s throwing off our timing,” commented Giants Doron Battle as their time at bat came to a quick end.
The Cardinals continued their lead as they bounced up 7 to 0 in the next inning, after walks and errors plagued the Dinwiddie Giants. But a ground ball to Giants short stop Tevin Tucker started up a double play that contained the Cardinals.
With their timing off for an inning the Giants gears shifted back into place. Carlos Coles landed a double that brought in two RBIs. With the bases loaded, Giants Charles Windfield pulverized the ball for a home run. Conner Bistiach swept the diamond with another home run. The inning dragged on and on, in the wreckage of the Giants fiery bats that lead from the Cardinals was gone, the result of the run pile up was a score of 13 to 7.
The Cardinals never caught back up. Bistiach nailed another home run. The Cardinals got their final run after a sacrificial fly by Aaron Sadler. In the aftermath of the over six hour long double header, the Giants were victorious in both games, winning their first 5 to 2 and their second 14 to 8.

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