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Triple Overtime Nail Biter
By DANIEL PARKER, Staff Writer
Jan 3, 2017, 11:08

Sean Wallace rampages down the court outmanuevering Benedectine players.
Blue Devils Marcus Kelley squares off against Benedictine.

The Hopewell Boys Basketball team went out swinging against the Benedictine
Cadets refusing to be knocked out, going not just into the overtime, but triple overtime; losing by one point.
  On December 16th, Hopewell Boys Basketball faced off against Benedictine
on the Blue Devils Home Court. The nail biting conclusion was a final score of 92 to 91 with Benedictine gaining their footing in the second half cutting away at Hopewell’s lead.
Hopewell commanded the first half of the game skating past Benedictine’s score of 20 with a 10 plus lead of 33 points. A lead cemented by Taylor Faizohn, who scored 8 points in the first quarter and pushed further by Sean Wallace and Malik Jefferson each bringing in 4 points for the Blue Devils during the first half.
“We just didn’t play well in the first half and they had all the momentum,” said Robert Churchwell Benedictine Basketball Coach. “We just had to keep digging our way up and fortunately we were able to do that at the end.”
And they dug alright, chipping away at the Blue Devils in the third quarter, still lagging behind the Blue Devils that still dominated the game. Blue Devils Sean Wallace sliced up the court during the fourth quarter out-maneuvering the Benedictine players passing the ball to Jalen Jefferson, who scored 3 points for the Devils the score was still pummeling Benedictine 47 to 59.
“We made a few and every time we would chip they would make a big basket” said the Benedictine Coach. “I would like to think that there were some mistakes that we were making that we could fix, but overall they were just hitting key baskets at key times.”
It wasn’t until nearly the end of the 4th quarter that Benedictine dug themselves out of their hole their defense swiping away Blue Devils attempt at baskets. The Blue Devils were stuck at place unable to rebuild their momentum staying stuck at 63 while Benedictine broke through tying up the game with a score of 64 to 64.
When it seemed like Benedictine had the drive to finally take the lead over Hopewell in overtime. Travonte Jones stopped the Benedictine drive and the game was pushed into double overtime 74 to 74.
And Hopewell kept scoring key baskets into overtime. With 30 seconds
left on the clock and the score with Benedictine leading with 83 over Hopewell’s 80. The home team had to score the critical basket that would save them and they did, Malik Jefferson brought in the 3 pointer that bumped the game into triple overtime.
The back and forth dogfight continued with the clock dwindling with Hopewell winning by 91 points and Benedictine trailing by 2 points. But Benedictine scored three points that brought them in the lead and in the last 3 seconds with Hopewell in possession of the ball the clock ran out.
“We just kept digging and kept believing in eachother,” said Churchwell. “I just think it was just a team effort from a defensive standpoint.”

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