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Third Time’s the Charm for Prince George
Jan 18, 2017, 13:55

Jeff Rose/Contributor: Hopewell players swarm around Lilly Hopkins, keeping her from making a shot
Jeff Rose/Contributor: Tyah Hunter goes for the layup.

The Blue Devils Girls basketball team played a fierce tug of war match court side against the Prince George County last Thursday at Prince George High School. 
Prince George has faced the Blue Devils two times over the season both times were losses including a 62 to 19 blow out on their first encounter. On Thursday things were different as the Hopewell Blue Devils’ missed baskets turned into opportunities for the Royals, who defeated the Hopewell Blue Devils (who have won 11 games) with a down-to-the-last-minute final score of 46 to 41. 
From the beginning of the match this wasn’t the same Prince George team that faced the Blue Devils before and there wasn’t a barn-burning lead that the Blue Devils have shown in the past.
At every turn, the Blue Devils previous momentum from other matches was gone, and the Royals were snatching up missed baskets and driving them down court. The Royals were up 8 to nothing score in the first quarter. 
 With a diverse range of shooters including Kori Hardee, Taylor Stevens, Kiara Anderson and Lilly Hopkins, were the basket makers for the Royals. Daijah Jefferson was still the Blue Devils giant on defense, bringing in back-to-back blocks, but with the PG girls gaining their rhythm in the 1st quarter the Royals dominated.  
The visiting team gained their footing soon, though, digging themselves out of the 2nd quarter with the Royals having a lead of only 4. The Blue Devils were locking in on Prince George with a layup, but Prince George struck back with a three pointer by Prince George’s Taylor Stevens their lead was 23 to 16. Hopewell took the lead over the Royals with Daijah Jefferson landing in a layup, by the end of the third quarter the score was 31 to 26. 
Going into the fourth quarter, the Blue Devils were building upon that lead until the Royals’ Lilly Hopkins landed a layup, bringing Prince George 30 to 36. And, then when the game got to its highest intensity, foul shots upended the Blue Devils. With free throws, Prince George tied up the game 40 to 40.
Then the fouls came back to haunt at the end; the Blue Devils got three in a row and the Royals punished them for it, landing each basket.
The two big score makers for the Royals were Taylor Stevens who brought in 16 and Lilly Hopkins who nailed the Hopewell hoop with 15.

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