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Rivalry Battle
Jan 25, 2017, 16:19

Jalen Jefferson dribbles to the Petersburg board.
Jalen Jefferson tries to block Petersburg’s Juwan Mitchell.

Last Friday, under the thunderous cheers of the audience, Hopewell faced off against their longtime rival the Crimson Wave.
The Blue Devils currently have won 11 to 6 games. The Petersburg Crimson Wave has lost 12 and won 2. Hopewell Blue Devils Coach Elvin Edmonds knew that they had to put records aside for this match.
“The is probably the biggest rivalry in the central district in Virginia,” said Hopewell Blue Devils Basketball Coach Elvin Edmonds “It’s historic. I told them regardless of the Petersburg record their going to play hard those guys compete till the end.”
In the first quarter the fierce rivalry unleashed onto the court. With neither team gaining control of the court at the start of the 2nd quarter it was 12 to 11. But, Petersburg broke out a larger lead by Aaron Haskins and a three pointer by Anthony Lundy.
Hopewell fired back with a sweeping momentum and with the Jefferson twins stalking their team’s board, sweeping up Petersburg second chances at baskets. The momentum shifted to Hopewell and they broke their way through to a 32 to 25 lead at the end of the 2nd quarter.
Petersburg was trapped at 25 points as Hopewell drove up their score to 44. Petersburg brought their score up but still trailed behind. The Hopewell that won games by the skin of their teeth this season was nowhere to be found courtside.
“Tonight I told the guys, ‘All year long, any time we get a little lead 6 or 10 points we lose our composure,’” said Coach Edmonds “I told them the key thing was to focus instead of playing loose and reckless.”
Hopewell defeated the Crimson Wave 68 to 43. Malik Jefferson led the Blue Devils in baskets with 18 points under his belt. Behind Malik were Sean Wallace, Jalen Jefferson and Izeah Parker, each with 10 points a piece.
“Even at the end when we had a sizable lead I still wasn’t comfortable till the final horn went off,” said the Blue Devils Coach. “It definitely feels great to beat a rival team.”

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